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A luxurious penthouse in Suburban Mumbai

This suburban Mumbai penthouse is rendered in a palette that reads sophisticated luxury

We may not admit to it easily but we are one brush stroke away from falling for the white walls phenomenon that seems to have gripped the interior design world. And we are only glad that this home in Mumbai deviates from it, albeit slightly with its combination of pretty lavender, dull green and shades of cream.

Designed by Rakeshh Jeswaani of RJIA for a couple and their two sons, by Rakeshh Jeswaani of RJIA, it straddles the fine line between luxury and elegance without giving in to the temptation of going over the top. The design includes various uses of wood — from flooring and wall panelling to a striking room divider. This lends a certain earthiness to the space, ensuring that the glitz is kept in check.

The entire apartment is divided into two levels. The lower houses the living and dining room, kitchen and a bedroom suite along with a powder bathroom and mandir. The upper section has two bedrooms, a guest bedroom and a media room along with a pantry, a utility room and a powder bathroom. If your home spans a couple of floors then it may be a good idea for you to have a small pantry area on each level so that the main kitchen doesn't bear the brunt of all service. What we also love is the brilliant space divider, a low height block between the living and dining room, that opens to reveal a bar. This is clad in a specially commissioned metal relief art panel done by the artist Pradeep Jogdand, which opens to reveal a bar. A simple but a superb idea this – to use art as panels to camouflage your utilities.

Luxurious materials combined with customised fittings make the space feel like a well-tailored, bespoke suit. Its looks great, fits well and is supremely comfortable.

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