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A Beautiful Homes Story: The Design Details

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Attention to detail is an important part of the design process. Once the homeowner’s overarching vision is drawn up, it’s important to understand, on a granular level, the little things: How they want to use the space, what they need, and why.

The brief from Sonia? Design that was both functional and practical. Her multigenerational family had specific needs for each member. Her daughters, for example, would need separate rooms when they grew older, so the study was designed to easily convert into a third bedroom. Says Sonia, “For us practical design really meant not just having a good-looking home, but to be more sensitive to the people using it. In the bathroom, we wanted to have flooring which was anti-skid. My husband and I are both avid collectors, so the space had to be designed and planned as such to factor in storage for all of these.”

Independent brand consultant Sonia Bajaj and her family were looking for a new house. As a growing family, they needed a home that catered to everyone’s needs. With WFH and virtual school being the new normal, she also wanted to create a space where everyone could feel productive and enjoy family time after-hours. But it had to be something they could grow into and not re-do every couple of years. Says Sonia, “For us it was really important to look at a space which was a little larger than what we originally had. The kids were growing up and naturally because of that we needed to upgrade. Our expectation in terms of design was that it had to be very neutral and would take us effortlessly from now to 70 years of age.” The Bajaj's zeroed in on an apartment in South Mumbai in an Art Deco building. With high ceilings, lots of natural light, a great layout and retro detailing, the house had great bones… but needed a facelift.

The Beautiful Homes Service (BHS) team is part of the design process from the start for precisely this reason: To understand the customer’s functional requirement and the architect’s plans, so they can propose solutions that work for everyone. Namita, the Customer Experience Specialist from the BHS team, says, “We are a part of the initial discussion between the customer and the interior designer. This is exactly where the designer tries to get an in-depth understanding of the customer’s functional requirements.”


Sonia created a clean, neutral palette that could be layered with other tones and accents, without compromising or getting rid of heritage elements like the alcoves, arches and panelling.

Jason had a similar approach but wanted to juxtapose the traditional details with trendy tones and textures. Together, they decided on a minimal base palette with pops of colour. And, to add more personality, a mix of surfaces: Terrazzo tiles, natural veneers with matte polish, wainscotting, and wallpaper.

Jason says, “So we knew we wanted a very monochromatic palette as the start off point for Sonia’s house. We tried to achieve that by going with a white terrazzo for the flooring of the bedrooms. The master bedroom had a lot of greys and blacks. In order to balance all these monochromes, we decided to add

moodboard elements

Sonia created a clean, neutral palette that could be layered with other tones and accents.

some pops of colour in the form of shades of green. The kids bathroom has this delicious kind of pink colour all around.” The eclectic mix of materials and colours is what makes the space feel contemporary and cool. 


The design is now well-defined and the BHS team can start their process. “After the interior designer gives a clear view of the functional requirements of the customers, our team marries it with beautiful aesthetics to get the ideal home for the customer.”

Now, the BHS team can get started with pre-execution: conducting recces to anticipate possible hiccups and on-site issues, material selection, budgets and timelines.

Beautiful Homes Service: an end-to-end interior design solution

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