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9 small house interior design hacks

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Designing a small house is no less than a talent that requires you to bring out the best of your design dreams, in a limited space. Be it bohemian or victorian, your space limitation need not dictate cut downs on your desires. Yes, more often than not, you would require to smartly shortlist the pieces you choose for your small house design. However, there are quite a few hacks to keep in mind to make the best of it.

Let us share some of the most effective design hacks for small homes;


Having a small living room does not necessarily mean you need to give up on your dining space. Pick a corner and make sure the table and couch or chairs stick to the walls you have access to. This way, you end up using the available space in the most optimal way.

Also, going for lush couches and chairs will make your cozy dining area feel grand. Play around with spotlights and wall art to complete the design theme you’re going for.

Interior design hack for dining area - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Signa Design

Sticking every piece of furniture to a wall in living room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Photographee.eu/ shutterstock.com

The easiest way to make a small house design look spacious is by sticking every piece of furniture to a wall, leaving a good amount of space in the center of the room. Notice how the bed, racks, study table and even the extra seat and bicycle stick to a wall leaving a good amount of carpeted space in the center. This hack is effective for all kinds of rooms in a small home interior design.

Ground level mattresses with interesting bed posts not only give you the feeling of a high ceiling but also lets you use the space around it more efficiently. Take a look at this fun kid’s room design that accommodates two spacious beds and uses the space between them as a vibrant seating area. You could even put in cupboards or study tables instead of the couch as per your convenience.

Pro tip: Always use rugs around the mattresses for a cleaner and cozier set up.

Ground level mattresses interior design for bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Signa Design

A folding table that mounts on the wall of the kitchen for a small space - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Feel Photo Art/ shutterstock.com

A folding table that mounts on the wall is one of the most efficient additions to any small space. The one you see here is a sleek one with drawers underneath for storage. Add a couple of folding chairs and you’ll have yourself a super accessible dining space whenever required. Fold it away and enjoy a more spacious kitchen. A definite win-win!

If you’re an entertainer living in a home with a small living room, one of the best ways to make the most of it is by getting a two-seater couch and a couple of unique seats like the rocking chair and wooden stools. This not only makes your living room look detailed and chic but also makes it easy to accommodate a bunch of people without crowding.

Another tip to keep in mind is to go for wall mounts that take up way less room than console tables and cabinets but hold similar storage capacity. Throw in a cute rug and you’ll have yourself a finely curated living room.

Two seater couches and wall mounts interior design hacks - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Signa Design

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Split-level design for home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ppa/ shutterstock.com

Split-level design is another great way to optimally use limited space of a small home. While the interiors must be detailed and sleek, you must start off by penning down a plan for the kind of spaces you require and then try to put them together like lego. Take this cozy cabin small home design for example. While the kitchen is just a long slab on one side, a little seating area leads to a private bedding above another room which could be your office or living area. Compact, efficient and cozy!

Another efficient and rather, traditional way of making the most of limited space in a small house is by getting storage beds that act as half closets for clothes, shoes or as more commonly in India - a space for our suitcases! Infact, small rooms or not, storage beds are probably a great idea.

Storage beds interior design ideas for bedroom - Bedroom

Image courtesy, Scott-lee/ shutterstock.com

Minimize home furniture & maximize art for home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Photographee.eu/ shutterstock.com

Whenever you’re designing a small space, do keep in mind to pick smaller furniture pieces instead of large ones. A cozy couch in front of a small rug and center table help make the room look more spacious. What makes this living room design so interesting are all the art frames on the wall and floor that keep this space from looking too empty, while also enhancing the vibe of this minimal space. Add a pendant lamp or a couple of house plants and you’ll be surprised by how little things make all the difference.

While adding a cupboard to a corner takes away a lot of visual space and ends up shrinking the room, using them for unique pieces like swings and armchairs do the exact opposite. We love how the swing here acts like an armchair since there’s not much room to swing but easily lightens the energy in the room next to all the beach and palm pictures. Add a little rug to keep it cozy and we’re sure this instantly will make for your favourite corner.

House corner ideas to help make the room look more spacious - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, New Africa/ shutterstock.com

Which of the above hacks did you think was a lifesaver?

Feature Image Courtesy

Shamanth Patil

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