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Top 10 dining table trends for 2022

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We want to highlight some of these exciting designs for the dining area and sprinkle some of that wonder and joy over your dining experience. Let’s have a peek into the latest trends in dining tables.

1.    Multifunctional tables for modern lifestyles

Aesthetics and utility must be deployed together when it comes to creating spaces that match our modern and comfortable lifestyles. The multifunction table is one of those things that does this. This multifunction trending dining table has a very appealing feature - they can extend and fold. This means that you can have a dinner party and an internal conference on the same table. To elevate your experience with the multifunctional dining table, like a folding dining table - pair it with chairs that could double as office chairs. For lighting, choose lighting that can be glam lighting as well as task lighting or accent lighting.

2.    Fur rugs and hides

If you go by the list of dining table trends 2022, this happens to be in the topical area.  This trend will not be a surprise to folks who are into the Scandinavian interior design style or the modern country house interior design style. This trend also gives a thumbs up to sustainability, as not only are hide rugs things that age beautifully but as byproducts of other industries, they are considered a sustainable option. The most common usage of these rugs is in framing a dining table set.

Multifunctional dining table trends you need for your modern lifestyle - Beautiful Homes

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Decant dining table trends you need in 2022 for your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

3.    Decadent dining

Although what we said above is that most people are opting for the eat-in kitchen or the multifunction dining table thereby making the dining area multi-purpose, it does not mean that a separate dining space has lost its sheen. The dining room gets to be celebrated in its own right. With the concept of tablescaping taking the world by storm, it has never been easier to design your trending dining table well. Most of your ideas can revolve around color dashes, mix and match of styles, and a plethora of cutlery and crockery that you can use to add some character to your latest dining table. You can bring a sense of festivities to your designer dining table by adding candles, flowers, trays, napkins, and linen tablecloths in various fashions.

4.    Smoked Glass Details

In a contemporary dining room, a smoked glass dining table works wonderfully. Smoked glass can work really glamorously with the décor elements of pendants and other embellishments. This will come as no surprise to the people who have an eye on the Manhattan apartment or the Mid-Century Modern styles of interior design. A smoked glass dining table works extremely well with gold detailing.

5.    Sustainable designs

Every trend these days hinges on sustainability - both economic and ecological. There are a few prominent approaches that have arisen over the years with regard to the sustainable design approach for dining areas. Most design gurus swear by the age-old approach of sticking to pieces made from eco-friendly materials - like rattan or salvaged timber. If you are buying something for the long haul - might as well hello the environment while you’re at it. If you have the time and the inclination, a slightly different yet amazing approach to establish an ethos of sustainability in your interior design style would be to shop for something like a vintage wooden dining table or a granite dining 

Sustainable dining table designs you need to look out for in 2022 - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

table. It may take some time to get to a piece you like, but claiming something older would be worth it.

6.    Modern Nordic Designs

The interior designs of Modern Nordic and Scandinavian design styles continue to be a rage. With a blend of soft hues and textures, the Modern Nordic design style intends to make functional interior design more inviting. If you are building a new Scandi-style dining room, or are renovating your dining table for living room to fit a more Nordic theme, you should try introducing the Modern Nordic furniture elements in the area. Décor from the Modern Nordic Design style contains elements with a pop of earthy colors - like mustard or terracotta. These tones help add a splash of neutrality to your dining area which in turn induces a sense of calm.

7.    Bold and bright colors

Color blocking is a concept that has been making waves in the interior design industry since a while now. We have seen the rise of neutral tones in the last couple of years and can’t wait to get this trend on. Color blocking refers to introducing new colors in the setting. For example - introducing blue into your dining room area in which neutral tones already exist. Try to incorporate artwork in blue or a blue rug in your dining area. Make sure to coordinate your décor accents with the new elements introduced. A striking addition would be a full blue-themed dining table and chairs.

8.    Leather

Leather is one of the most opulent materials to ever adorn a dining space. Chairs upholstered in leather make a statement like no other material. The durable nature of leather is an added homage to the overarching trends of sustainability and its outlines in the world of interiors. The introduction of leather in the dining area also leads to the emboldening of the “buy once, but buy well” philosophy of life.

Use natural materials for your dining table in your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

9. Natural Materials

Being one with nature is a very important part of life, and bringing that idea into the dining area is a bold touch. Whether you have a wooden dining table, a table that is Scandinavian (Nordic) and earthy, or a contemporary or a bohemian maximalist design - you can always introduce plants into the area. These can be runners hanging from the ceiling or potted plants sitting on the table. The hues of green will create some warmth in the space.

10.    Eloquent whites

White tables have been in style for decades. White carries the flag of royal and appearances with such élan. White can be available in various shades depending on the contrast of the surroundings - White, warm white, ivory, eggshell, pearl white, offwhite, and all the other possible combinations. A white-colored dining area with a marble dining table will have a sense of calm imbued in them. You can always play with statement lighting or accent lighting to accentuate the whites. Beware that a white marble dining table would also demand more maintenance than the usual dining area.

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Dining table designs for your home with tufted chair - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

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