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Tips to choose the right dining table

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Keep these tips in mind when considering buying a dining table for your home

Buying any kind of furniture requires some amount of deliberation. There are several parameters to consider before making a purchase, and so is also the case when purchasing a dining table. We’ve put together a list of pointers to keep in mind before you make the leap of buying a dining table for your home.

·    Space
If you have a small space, then you need to make optimum use of the area you have allotted for the dining table. First, identify the spot you want to place your dining table in – this will help you consider the size and shape of the dining table as well.

·    Shape
Round, oval, square and rectangle – these are the most commonly available shapes. Bear in mind that a round table with a central stand occupies less space, while providing more space to push in chairs while not in use. Square and rectangle tables fit snugly in corners while oval tables are ideal for tight rectangular rooms.

·    Material
The material used affects the price range. This also determines how easy or difficult it will be to care for it. For instance, solid wood is expensive, but highly durable and requires low care. An alternative, and lighter option would be one with wood veneer.

 If you’re tempted by marble and stone tops, keep in mind that these stain easily and are heavy to move around as well. Glass table tops are an inexpensive option to consider.

·    Function
Multi-functionality is the key to buying furniture for small apartments as it saves space. So, consider what other uses you would have for a dining table. Folding and expanding tables are great as they allow you to play with the size. You can also use the same space as a study or home office (read more about multifunctional dining spaces here).

·    Custom made vs online
Lastly, consider which medium will best suit your needs – is the kind of table you’re looking for available online or would custom-made suit your needs best? This also depends on the budget you have as customised furniture would cost more.

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