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How to choose the right dining chairs

Not sure if you should go for identical chairs or opt for the mix ‘n’ match vibe that your boho heart is after? We will help you make that choice easier with expert advice from Anjali Mody, Founder of Josmo Studio

It wouldn’t be too far away from the truth if we said our lives revolve around what we are going to eat for the next meal and the latest season of ‘Suits’. And as much we would love to indulge in both together in the comforts of our couch, we find laying the table quite therapeutic too. Not to mention the fact that the dining table plays host to conversations about the day to showcasing our newly acquired cooking skills. Designing this communal space can be tricky, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect dining chair. So we got Anjali to make this process easier with a list of basic dos and don’ts to help you narrow down on that ideal chair.

The Do's
Make sure to always choose dining chairs with arms. They’re comparatively more comfortable and allow for longer, more relaxed seating.

Heavy chairs can be troublesome to move around and can make simple tasks challenging, especially for children and the elderly. Choose chairs that are light in weight. That doesn’t mean they must be frail and delicate to look at. Go for pieces that are visually strong but easy to move.

While you’re at it, be sure to choose ones that have good lumbar support. Your folks will thank you for it.

Chair tips, those tiny non-slip furniture pads under each leg, are an absolute essential. Be sure to install felt buffers under the legs instead of the plastic ones – the latter are usually too noisy.

Consider making the chairs vibrant to induce the personality to your dining room.

The Don'ts
Whatever you do, don’t ever upholster your chair with leatherette. This plastic-based faux leather doesn’t breathe and makes for sticky, sweaty seating.

It’s a well-established global fact – food and white are a deadly combination. Avoid white fabric upholstery at all cost.

Steer clear of delicate finishes like duco as they are difficult and tedious to maintain.

As a rule, never order just the exact number of chairs you need. Always get a few more; you never know when you might need them. You can use them as occasional chairs along with the rest of the seating when not in use.
An all-metal chair can come across as unfriendly and is rather cold to touch. If you do have them or plan to opt for metal chairs, make sure the arms are wooden or upholstered.

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