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4 dining room ideas to steal


We pick four dining rooms with distinct styles to inspire you with ideas for your own

Somehow, all our happy memories involve food. It’s no wonder meal times are counted as the most important part of the day. Especially at dinner, when the entire family gathers around the table to exchange their day’s experiences. Even if you’re staying in another city, meal times provide the ideal pause in a hectic day.

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The dining area deserves more love than we show it. Whether you have an entire room dedicated to it or a small area of your living room or even just a table with few chairs around it, we show you how you can enhance the space with a few simple tips and tricks. There are several ways you can play with colour, texture and accessories to give the dining area its own identity. For instance, mixed seating, eye catching centre pieces and unique wall accents can all contribute towards creating a differentiated area. 

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