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Trending space-saving beds for children’s rooms

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If kids had their way, they would happily trade in chunky beds for extra floor space in their bedrooms for playtime. And who can blame them? Beds are truly the biggest space hogs in children’s bedrooms. While beds can’t always be eliminated altogether, new innovations in home interior design mean there are several playful and creative ways to keep both parents and kids happy while designing children’s bedrooms. Our selection of space-saving beds for children’s room features some seriously enviable beds that are designed for maximum fun at both playtime and bedtime.

Floating twin beds in a children’s room for twice the fun

There’s a reason why bunk beds for children’s bedrooms continue to reign  in the world of home interior design – kids will always pick bunk beds for their fun factor. But let’s face it – often it’s only the fun and games that trump more important factors like practicality, safety and timelessness. Look beyond the bunk bed stereotype and you’ll see there are several clever ways to make twin beds just as much fun. Rather than placing twin beds just side-by-side in children’s room, why not place them in a strategic L-shape for some smart space saving. An added bonus is the privacy that multiple kids in the same bedroom will enjoy and 

Floating twin bed for twice the fun in your kids bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Magnolias

think of it this way – they’ll distract each other a lot less at bedtime.

BRIGHT IDEA: Add castor wheels to the twin beds in children’s room to change up the layout in the children’s bedroom. You can also give kids furniture a floating look or use sleek legs to maximise the storage beneath. Legs for children’s beds can grow with the child – adding higher legs to a single bed allows you to transform the bed into a mid-high or a high bed. This way you can future-proof children’s bedrooms by even lofting the beds as they grow older to create study desks, storage solutions and other cool hidden worlds the kids desire, all underneath the beds.

Life-size dollhouse play bed design for your playful kids - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Collov Home Design/ unsplash

Life-size dollhouse play beds for children’s bedrooms

Possibly the most enviable pieces of furniture in a children’s bedroom are the new, extravagant playbeds by specialty kids furniture brands like Flexa. Designed as life-size doll houses or tree house-style, these beds are crafted expertly with playful detail after detail for creative roleplay. After all, what can be better than actually sleeping in a real life doll house? These playful beds are perfect for kids bedrooms that don’t have as much free floor space for playtime. House-shaped beds for children’s bedrooms can be crafted with a few steps for a multi-storey house or no steps at all for a safer, more compact doll house-like bed.

BRIGHT IDEA: Doll house-style beds can sometimes be expensive and impractical but that doesn’t have to put a damper 

while designing children’s bedrooms. Better space-saving and inexpensive alternatives to furniture that’s built for roleplay are bed curtains and fabric play tents that can be used with any kind of bed or bunk beds in children’s bedrooms. These days play curtains come in variety of styles and themes that can be attached to beds with velcro. You can also opt for floor tents that can also be placed on top of children’s beds. Play tents and curtains help kids create secret nooks that keep the grown-ups out for plenty creative roleplay.

A built-in recessed children’s bed designed for smart space saving

A smart way to safeguard precious floor space for playtime is to place a children’s bed in a recessed alcove of the kid’s bedroom – think of fitting a bed into that odd open space between inconvenient pillars or columns that you would otherwise have to hide with a flase wall or PoP. You can also create a built-in recessed bed storage solutions like a children’s cupboard wall. A recessed  children’s bed will double up as a hiding den and a cosy nook at bedtime. A recessed bed in a children’s bedroom also comes with the added security and safety on atleast two-to-three 

Built-in recessed children’s bed design for space saving bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Magnolias

sides that a single bed doesn’t offer without the additional cumbersome railing.

BRIGHT IDEA: As children grow and require far less open space for playtime, a recessed bed can be removed to make way for a study desk or a bookshelf or showcase with open shelving to display their artwork, little knick-knacks and simply give them a little room for their personality to shine. A more suitable single bed or twin beds depending on the children’s growing requirements can find space in the former playroom.

Expandable bed design that grows with your child for your kids bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Argos

Extendable children’s bed that literally grows with the child

The extendable toddler bed is an ingenius solution that has been made popular by modular furniture giants like Ikea. An extendable bed is exactly what you think it is – a slatted bed base can be pulled out as your child grows taller or can be pulled back in when the next child in the family is independent enough to require their own toddler bed. The extendable children’s bed is the next best upgrade to a baby’s cot. By adding a safety rail to the bed, the bed can be used for young children learning to sleep alone. Modular furniture companies like Ikea also make single beds for children that have an extra pull-out bed tucked underneath – perfect for sleepover parties and more.

BRIGHT IDEA: The extendable single bed is not just perfect for young children but also for growing tweens. Once kids old enough, the extendable single bed can be used as a standalone mini-sofa or an additional daybed. 

A modern spin on kids bunk beds

Bunk beds for children’s bedrooms have evolved with time but the basic premise is the same – two or more single beds stacked with a ladder to get to the top bed. Thankfully modern versions of bunk beds have resulted in some cooler and safer features. The first is the trundle bed – low bed that’s usually on castors so it can be rolled or slid under a higher bed when it’s not in use. What makes a trundle bed in a bunk bed setting smart is the fact that once the older child is ready to move out of the shared children’s bedroom, the bed at the bottom can be removed to create a study den or storage space out of the lower bunk. The trundle bed’s wheels can be swapped with sleek legs and placed elsewhere in the room or house when it’s no longer in use as a bunk bed.

Pink & white interiors along with bunk beds for your children's bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, The Baby Atelier

BRIGHT IDEA: While ladders have usually been the norm for bunk beds, these days a staircase with steps offers a far safer and more practical approach. The step staircase is usually crafted in such a way that it also doubles up as smart storage solution with pull-out drawers for toys or extra bed linens and more.

Bunk beds with study table for your kids bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shonali Mahajan

Lofty goals for bunk beds in children’s bedrooms

Yes, bunk beds are real space-savers but that doesn’t make them the most practical or easy solution in a kids’ bedroom. Even if you do get past the safety issues, there’s no guarantee the kids sharing the room will always love the bunk bed. There will always be the case of who gets the top or bottom bunk leading to so much time wasted at bedtime. The solution? Lofting individual sleeping stations so both kids get the same top bunk while you reclaim some much-needed floor space. At the same time, the space that would otherwise be reserved for the bottom bunk can be used to place individual study desks, cupboards and more.

BRIGHT IDEA: A lofted children’s bed is perfect for all those “only kids” that desire a bunk bed. Whether shared or invidual, make 

the most of top bunks by adding bed pockets, night lamps and other smart accessories for children’s beds. Bed pockets can be used to tuck a book, a water bottle or anything else a child finds useful in the night. Another new must-have bed accessory is the backrest cushion by Flexa. It's designed with cute prints in a fun circle shape that tucks in tight to any part of the bed, for plenty of back support for bedtime reading or playtime.

Another tip to remember is that while lofted beds are guaranteed to keeps the kids happy, top bunks or lofted beds are best suited to children above the ages six-t0-eight-years-old. 

Chic four-poster beds for children’s bedrooms

There’s nothing quite as magical and fairytale-like than a classic four-poster bed in a children’s bedroom. It’s also the perfect bed type that can mature as children grow older. It can be as playful as you need it to be for younger kids and as stylish and chic as they transform into teenagers.

BRIGHT IDEA: Give a playful spin to a classic four-poster bed by created a cottage-style roof and you’ll never have to make pretend fortresses and tents out of pillows and bedsheets. Cottage style single beds can be decorated with banners and garlands for a minimalist style or go all out with playful bed curtains that can turn a kids bed into a functional tent to sleep in for extra fun. 

Four poster bed designs to make your children's bedroom chic & stylish - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Photographee.eu/ shutterstock

When children outgrow the dollhouse-like setup, simply remove the roof and they’ll still love the classic four-poster bed.

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