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Children’s bedrooms are always fun to design. You can let your imagination run wild with children’s bedroom ideas and create a fantasy world that is still functional and efficient. One of the myriad ways with which you can transform a kid’s room is by installing false ceilings.  False ceiling designs for a kid’s bedroom have many exciting options.

False ceilings are installed for a variety of reasons. While creating the appearance of height, it can also be used as a functional patch to conceal things that can otherwise look ugly and taint your interior aesthetic. It also helps to distribute cooled or heated air more evenly in your room. By using beautiful colours, themes, shapes and whimsical ideas you can create a ceiling that enhances the rest of the room. Include your child in the decision making so that the final product is something they would love.

One of the children’s bedroom ideas to consider when designing a false ceiling is whether it would stand the test of time. Your young child who is now completely besotted with Pokemon will grow out of it at some point. So, choose a décor or theme for your children’s room interior that can be adapted as your child grows up. Remember that beds, study tables, and wardrobes can be changed as a child outgrows them but a false ceiling isn’t something that you can change at whim.


The kind of false ceiling that you want to install depends on your budget and how easily you will be able to adapt the ceiling as your child grows up. Use design elements that are basic and can grow with your child, like lighting, shapes and colours.

A sparkling statement with false ceiling lights

Good lighting can change and transform a space. Some ideas that you can experiment with when using lighting as the main design factor behind the false ceiling for children's bedroom is night sky and glow-in-the dark patterns or coloured lights to create a fun effect for a young kid’s room. Layered recessed false ceiling lights can create a framed, glow effect and will look great for an older child.

Lighting as the design element in a false ceiling not only enhances the décor but also serves a functional purpose as it brightens up the room and enhances the ambient lighting. Some options for 

Table lamp design to add an extra spark to your kid's bedroom - Beautiful Homes

false ceiling light include LED lights, cove lighting, flush mounted lights, recessed lights and back lit ceiling panels. A false ceiling with lighting as the main design element is a functional, effective and a cost-efficient way to improve the décor in a kid’s bedroom.

Creative wall design for your kid's bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Incorporate shapes into the false ceiling design

Another kind of design feature that can be modified as your child grows up are shapes. Pop design for children's bedroom can be used to create fun, geometric patterns on the false ceiling and the same patterns can be used around the room as wall design for children's bedrooms. Moulded designs with layered swirls will create a stunning visual accent. Using slanted ceilings, semi-circles, and protruding shapes can give an illusion of height in a small room. As your child grows older, the same shapes can be made classier and more grown up by adding recessed lighting.

A colourful false ceilings design

As with shapes, colours are another element that can be adapted in a children’s room as your child grows up. From adding pastel colours to the ceiling when it is a nursery, the room can undergo a complete transformation into a kid’s bedroom by splashing the false ceiling with bright, vivid colours that can be reflected in the furniture, furnishings and bric-a-brac. It is also an easier design element to change as your young child grows up and wants a more adult space.

Coffered ceilings in the children’s room

If you have a bigger budget and can spend on a more expensive false ceiling, coffered ceilings are a great option as children's room decoration ideas. They are a much more elaborate false ceiling design feature. The pattern is usually rectangular, hexagonal or octagonal hollows. It can also have geometric or floral patterns and can be in a single or a dual colour theme. Lights can be used in the design to enhance the patterns and the light of the room.

This room can be made whimsical and fun for a younger child by hanging colourful arts, crafts and lights from the ceiling which adds drama and a lively texture to the room. This is the kind of ceiling that is timeless and grows with your child and can become an elegant and luxurious space for an older child.

Plus-Minus false ceiling for children’s bedroom

Similar to coffered ceilings, the plus-minus false ceiling is a great option for children's bedroom design ideas. The design on the false ceilings bulges out or are tucked in and contrast and highlight the ceiling space and are great to create themed ceilings. You could have stars or the entire solar system on the ceiling by making the planets and stars bulge out.

Themed children’s bedroom design ideas

Every child has a favourite toy, fantasy or hobby. A great way to make a room a completely personal space for the child is to incorporate the child’s favourite theme into the design of the room. The theme can be made more real by adding coffered ceilings, recessed lighting, colours and shapes or a plus minus ceiling to bring the theme alive and create a sense of depth and layers.

The theme could be generic like butterflies, birds, stars or rainbows or it can be sport themed, princess themed, cartoon themed or superhero themed. Using a pop design for children's bedroom can transform it into an ethereal fantasy land. The false ceiling can be draped in multi-coloured fabric, and back lit with coloured lights or it could be a football field to reflect your child’s favourite sport. It could be outer space with a Guardians of the 

Fun & creative themed design ideas for your children's room - Beautiful Homes

Galaxy theme or it could become the Hogwarts’ hall with flying witches and wizards.



False ceiling materials to use for your children's bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Gypsum false ceiling

Gypsum board is one of the most commonly used materials for false ceilings. It is heat-resistant and has a non-combustible core made of water and calcium sulfate. It is the safety feature of this material that makes it an ideal false ceiling option for a children’s room. It is a good choice as it is sturdy and flexible and offers fire protection, thermal insulation and sound insulation.

PVC false ceiling

PVC false ceiling planks are popular in Indian households as they are more economical and versatile. The planks can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally and have a variety of patterns and colours to choose from. They are also comparatively easier to install and maintain.

POP false ceiling

Pop design for children's room false ceilings is popular as they can be easily moulded into shapes. POP is a dehydrated form of gypsum which hardens when water is added. It is a durable material that can last for years. Pop design for children's room can be used to create shapes like planets and stars and other fantastical objects in a themed room.

Wooden false ceiling

Wood as a false ceiling material is a great way to enhance the rustic décor of a room. They give a great finish in a coastal themed, pirate themed or farm themed kid’s bedroom and are versatile enough to be used with other design elements to create other effects. Wood is also great for insulation and can make a room feel cosy. They come as hollow blocks, boards and panels and in many finishes like melamine, natural varnished wood, and lacquer.

POP design ideas for your children's bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Bedroom interior design for your children's room - Beautiful Homes


At Beautiful Homes, we understand that a bedroom is a reflection of a person’s personality and style, and this is especially true for your child's bedroom. Our goal is to find the perfect balance between style and practicality. We start by working closely with our clients, parents and kids, to capture their vision and idea of the room they want. Once we have established this vision, we create a design plan that is perfect for everyday living.

We help create bedrooms that reflect our clients’ tastes, with an emphasis on functionality which is an important element in a 

child’s room. Our décor-led approach means we create storage solutions that will suit your needs while adding special touches like false ceilings, murals, wall stickers, furniture or lighting that bring it together.

We will bring to the project a complete and finished look that is up to date and can be enjoyed for many years to come.

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