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3 innovative ways to use fairylights


Fairylights can add a nice touch of whimsy to your room décor. Read on to know more

Fairy lights are a quick fix way to add some mood lighting for your home, when task lighting is not essential. We bring you three different ways to use fairy lights innovatively around the house.
1.     Fill up mason jars with fairy lights
For a little bit of whimsy, fill up a cloche or transparent mason jar with fairylights to create your own imaginary firefly collection. These work very well as soft night lights in children’s rooms as well.
2.     Use wooden pegs to clip pictures on your fairy lights
Use wooden pegs (easily available in the market) to secure your favourite travel and family pictures from the fairy light string. Change the pictures around from time to time to keep things interesting.
3.     Combine fairylights with sheer curtains
Fix your fairylights close to sheer curtain material in your bedroom to create a soft, dreamy environment that allows you to sleep without any disturbance. Take care to see that the lights don’t actually touch the fabrics in question because the fabric can get damaged from prolonged contact with the fairy lights. 


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