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The bedside styling checklist

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We give you four helpful rules for styling your bedside table

If you are an Instagram addict like us, then beautifully styled bedside tables have probably been filling up your feed lately. You stare at your own bedside and wonder where you went wrong. Here is our handy set of bedroom design rules for styling your bedside table:

1.      Subtract, Subtract, subtract: A mess is the last thing that you want to wake up to, every morning. Keep objects on your bedside table top to the absolutely essential and leave the rest out. 

2.     Lighting Matters: If you are in the habit of reading before bedtime, sufficient bedside lighting is important, so that your eyesight isn’t strained. Fitting out a task light on the wall above the bedside can help free up space.

3.     Scent is key: Soothing scents help in creating a calm, meditative environment that can result in a better sleep cycle.  There are various options available in the market today, from reed diffusers to scented candles. You can also experiment with leaving cotton balls among your bed linen that have a few drops of your favourite essential oil soaked in it.

4.     Make it personal: Adding a trinket dish or personal objects that have some sentimental value for you helps create a personal space that you will love waking up to.

Your bedside is the first thing you look at in the morning and the last thing you are aware of, before going to bed. Follow our tips to welcome your guests with a cosy guest bedroom design filled with memories

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