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The basics of bedroom furnishings

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Here’s a quick guide on different types of bedding to help you pick out what’s right for your bedroom

Bed linen can enhance and even change the look of your bedroom entirely. Comfortable sheets and duvets are also important for a good night’s rest. So, what exactly should you use or not use in your sleep fortress? This bed design guide will sort you out:

A fitted bedsheet comes with an elastic edge and goes directly on your mattress. Keep in mind the thickness of your mattress while purchasing one. A flat sheet is a protecting barrier between you and the duvet, quilt, blanket or comforter. It can also be used in place of a fitted sheet.

Types of pillows
Sleeping pillows comes in different sizes – standard (20”x26”), super standard (20”x28”), queen (20”x30”) and king (20”x36”). A European pillow is a large square pillow (26” x 26”) placed against the headboard for decorative purposes. The smaller throw or boudoir pillows are placed right in front. 

Pillow protectors, shams and cases
A pillow protector is a zippered cover for your pillows. A pillowcase is used on top of the protector for decorative purposes and has an opening on one end. A sham has its opening on the back with all four sides finished with a flange, a decorative fabric edging.

Blankets, quilts and dohars
A blanket is a thick, woven cloth usually made from wool or fleece. A quilt has three layers of fabric quilted together – the decorative top, batting (or fill) and backing. Dohars are light summer quilts comprising three cotton layers stitched together.

Comforters and duvets
Composed of two layers sewn together on all sides, a comforter is filled with down or fibres and comes in a variety of colours and patterns. A duvet is similar to a comforter, but is usually white, purely functional and requires a duvet cover for decoration.

Bedspreads and coverlets
Bedspreads are typically used as the top layer of your bedding. A coverlet is a smaller bed covering that doesn’t touch the floor or reach the pillows and is designed to go on top of your bedspread.

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