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All you need to know about tatami beds

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Tatami - A traditional rush-covered straw mat that was used for flooring in Japan. Simplicity and sustainability are common to see in most household designs of Japan, thus inspiring the adaptation of platforms as low as the ground that hold the mattress, called Tatami beds.

As ancient as this bed design is, it sure is making a pleasant comeback to match the ever-evolving sustainable lifestyle in modern times. While the options of wooden materials when it comes to designing a Tatami bed are endless, the core style and intention remain constant - to stay grounded, literally.

Japanese home designs have always revolved around the art of minimalism. And that’s your design preference too for everything else in home decor, a Tatami bed will only help you enhance it. Not only does the low level of this bed induces a refreshing and simple lifestyle but its design and sturdiness has various health benefits to offer;
●      Hygienic - Given the fact that the bed makes you sit and rest closer to the ground, psychologically it makes users be more aware of the
        cleanliness of the ground around you. Not to forget, given the non-existent space between the bed and the ground, the space for dirt
        accumulation goes down to nil as well.

●      Firm support - Since the structure of a Tatami bed involves no horizontal legs, the foundation and support of the bed is very firm. Depending
        on the kind of mattress you use, it can really be a quite healthy option for your back.

●      Increased blood flow - Having to shift quite a bit to get up from a Tatami bed helps increase your body movement on a daily basis, enhancing
        your activity and hence the blood flow.

As beautiful as it is for bigger spaces, Tatami beds are undoubtedly better for smaller rooms as it provides more breathing space given its low base level. A Tatami bed is not just for a minimal home design but works great for a bohemian style. With cozy rugs at its foot and house plants sitting right next to you, a Tatami bed can truly make your bedroom interior design more refreshing and inspiring. Add some low hanging pendant lamps or floor lamps and you’ll have yourself a space where every morning would feel more beautiful.

Replacing your rugs with a Tatami mat is a great choice too, for various reasons;
●      Sustainability - Made with rice straw, the material is
        ecologically responsible and known to have a low carbon

Make your bedroom interiors more refreshing with tatami bed design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Scott-lee/ shutterstock.com


●      Breathable - The material helps in mold control.

●      Extra seating area - Add some cushions and you will have yourself a stunning seating informal area.

●      Helps control humidity.

The invention of Tatami goes so back in time that it’s observed to be a part of lots of Japanese proverbs “strategy planning on tatami,” meaning all talk and no action, and “even if a room has 1,000 tatami, a person only needs one to sleep on,” meaning don’t take more than you need.

While a Tatami bed is calming for adults, it’s a smart and safe choice for kids. Having no scope of them falling off their beds sure must come as a huge relief to new parents.

Tatami beds are perfect for a minimal design theme but it can also be used in a modern one. Fine wood finishes and a large plush headboard is all you need to have your Tatami bed fit in with your modern or contemporary bedroom design.

Whether you use a Tatami bed for a minimal home or a modern one, with or without a Tatami mat, it sure will make you feel like you’re closer to nature, and even yourself.

What are your thoughts on the Tatami bed style?

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