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Stunning two-colour combinations for bedrooms to look out for in 2022

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The ultimate sanctuary in your home – your bedroom – needs to be a place of comfort and relaxation. But what is the best colour combination for bedroom spaces? And how do you choose colours that will create an appealing atmosphere?

We all know that colours have great influence on the feel of a space; not only do they help set the mood but can even subtly impact our sense of size and temperature. We perceive colours in “warm” and “cool” tones, and interpret warm tones as cosy, while cool ones give off a soothing air. At the same time, darker hues can make a room feel smaller, while pale shades give us a sense of spaciousness. So, when choosing the perfect two colour combination for bedroom walls, you first need to think about your space – what is the lighting like, how large is it, do you want it to feel cool or cosy. All of these things will affect your final result.

Here, we will look at the top trending choices: the best wall colour combination for bedroom spaces that will not only suit your tastes but also match the function of the room.

Simple Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls : One Colour Two Shades

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by choice, keeping things simple is one way to go. When picking two tone bedroom paint, two colours from the same colour family but of different shades can create a unique look; just be careful with the shades you choose and sticking to a single colour can work very well.

Pair deep hues with paler tones to bring more depth to your room – a forest green combined with a softer shade like sage, tea or mint green can be a perfect pair in two colour combination for walls . Use the darker colour as an accent on the wall with the door or behind your bed, while placing the lighter shades on the walls further away from the door, to increase the sense of space and light. Another alternative is to avoid the vibrant or deep colours, pick two light colour combination for bedroom walls, in complementary tones, for an ethereal effect.

Modern Bedroom Paint in Two Colours : Nature Tones are In!

As we continue to spend more time in our homes than ever before, bringing the outdoors into our living spaces is something we’re all starting to crave; this is reflected in current interior décor trends. When it comes to modern bedroom paint two colors that look good together, can often be found in the world around you. While most people are stepping back from neutrals, a mix of calm and bold hues in a nature inspired colour palette, is catching on – shades of brown are trending.

While doing up your master bedroom two colour combinations for bedroom walls can give you a lot of freedom and versatility in your décor scheme. Pale earth tones, paired with bolder shades like terracotta or chocolate brown add cosy comfort with a hint of the outdoors. Keep in mind that some colour combinations that look beautiful in nature can be quite jarring to the eyes when in a confined space. Avoid pairing two colours that are equally vibrant, bold or bright while painting your bedroom walls. Creating a relaxing atmosphere is always the end goal when decorating a bedroom.

Nature tones for your modern bedroom colours - Beautiful Homes

Relaxing Colour Combinations for Bedrooms : Blue Hues

Colour theory tells us that blue tones are cool and calming – promoting a sense of peace and relaxation. Of course, this doesn’t mean that shades of blue are your only option when trying to create a serene space. Greys, shades of green, and some purple and white tones, are all considered cool hues. Choosing to go with a two colour combination for bedroom walls can help you create a peaceful environment, while still experimenting with colour.

Pair a vibrant shade of turquoise with a calming grey to create a space that’s relaxing yet happy. Or go with soft shades in heather, silver or lavender, matched with ivory, for a classic and soothing feel. If you decide to go with paler tones, an advantage to keep in mind when picking a light colour two colour combination for bedroom walls, is their adaptability. While your walls bring a sense of calm to the space, you can play around with brighter colours in your soft furnishings and accessories to keep your bedroom looking fresh and stylish. 

A Cosy Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls : Balancing Warm Tones

If cool tones aren’t what you’re looking for, the other side of the colour wheel brings you a comforting palette of warm shades. Choose red, 

Warm tones for your cosy bedroom colour combinations - Beautiful Homes

orange, brown or a pink two colour combination for bedroom walls to help create a cosy effect.

Of course, while picking warm tones, keep in mind that it’s better to refrain from going with all dark shades in your two colour combination for walls as this can make your room feel gloomy. Balance the darker tones with warm yet pale colours. Pairing shades like umber or dusty rose with warm white, buttercream yellow or champagne can help create a comfy den that’s perfect for those lazy mornings or to tempt you in for an afternoon nap.

Explore Vibrant Hues : The Pink Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

For modern bedroom paint two colors that pair well to create a cheerful result – and are currently very much on trend – are various hues of pink with white. But when should you use vibrant shades like orange or a pink two colour combination for bedroom walls? Bedrooms that aren’t very spacious, or that don’t receive a lot of natural light, can be made to look much more inviting by combining a vibrant colour with a white or neutral tone.

In picking two colour combinations for bedroom spaces that need brightening, you could pair cheerful colours such as red, burnt orange or cranberry pink with subtle neutrals like slate or warm white, to achieve a chic and charming effect.

A Timeless Colour Combination for Bedroom Spaces : Blue and White

You might find that while choosing the colour scheme for the master bedroom two colour combinations for bedroom walls is proving to be a little difficult. It’s sometimes hard to settle on the best colour combination for bedroom spaces that are shared and must cater to the tastes of more than one person. In such cases, sticking to well-established pairings might be the perfect answer! For two tone bedroom paint two colors that are always timeless are the combination of blue and white. Pick shades like navy, indigo or prussian blue and this pairing will create a welcoming atmosphere that’s clean, calm and bright.

Blue & white colour combination for bedroom space  - Beautiful Homes

Choosing The Best Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls : Our Tips

Your preferences should always be the highest priority while looking for the perfect two color combination for bedroom spaces. Whether you pick warm or cool tones, dark or light shades, bold or neutral colours… the main criteria for your choice should be your comfort. But a few tips to keep in mind are:

Double size beds for the comfort in your bedroom - Beautiful Homes

●    Choose a simple two colour combination for bedroom walls
       that creates a seamless balance and flow throughout your

●    Pick an accent wall and paint it in a contrast colour
      combination for bedroom spaces that draw the eye.

●    Create a soothing space with a tranquil yet trendy colour
       palette or up the cosiness of your room with warm tones and
       muted hues.

●    Deck out your room in a blended light colour two colour combination for bedroom walls that will create an airy feel – match silver and ivory,
       or peach and white for this outcome.

●    Experimenting with new tones can result in the best wall colour combination for bedroom décor that suits your tastes.

●    Use your soft furnishings to add in pops of colour – pick contrast shades or ones that match your two colour combination for walls.

●    Choose accessories in complementary shades to tie your décor theme together.

So, which two colour combinations for bedroom spaces most excites you?

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