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Bedrooms are often the most private space in the house. Master bedroom interiors should be a relaxing retreat, and a private refuge where you can decompress and sleep in the comfort of your own space. Whether you’re seeking a minimalist sanctuary, or a bold boudoir, you can make your space completely unique.

It’s never a good idea to rush when making a bedroom materials list. You may end up with low quality material and be unhappy with the result. Make a bedroom materials list and weigh their pros and cons. While some of them are weather-resistant, others can be a great source of heat and comfort. Whether you are designing a simple bedroom interior or looking for something more ornate, opt for materials that will make for a nice and visually appealing interior design.

Sometimes it’s better to invest in more expensive bedroom materials, especially if the material is durable and long-lasting. Find a balance between form and function and you will get a space customized in a way that suits your needs.


Designing a good-looking bedroom involves selecting bedroom materials that are portable, affordable and at the same time aesthetic in nature. Style, comfort and durability are what are needed and the materials should be a combination of these elements. There are a wide range of choices when it comes to interior design material.

1. Metallic bedroom interiors

Metal is a good choice as a material because it looks sleek and chic. It needs no maintenance and is easy to clean and upkeep.  Even if it ages, it looks good and with a bit of spit and polish once in a way, your bedroom will look gleaming and new for years to come.

Increasingly, people want a quiet space without too much fuss and clutter and metal has become quite popular for specific interior design styles like industrial, rustic and contemporary. Using metal for headboards, railings or as an eye-catching panel helps give you all the minimalism you need in your bedroom along with the chic style you admire!

2. HDF bedroom material

Metallic bedroom interior materials & finishes - Beautiful Homes

HDF or high-density fibreboard is a type of engineered wood product commonly used for cabinetry and shelving. They are usually finished with a veneer or laminate pasted on one or both sides or may be finished with paint. HDF material has no graining which gives it a smoother finish. It does not warp or crack and is a much more affordable option to solid wood.

HDF can be used to make a lovely cottage style bedroom interior. With HDF flooring and wall panels, thick blankets and giant rugs, your bedroom will become a snug nook. Add thick comfy cushions, rustic wooden furniture, and natural fibres in vibrant, checked colours and vintage wall art to reflect your taste.

Bedroom mdf material for your bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

3. Bedroom MDF material

Medium density fibreboard is engineered-wood, which is a popular choice for the bedroom as it is strong and durable. They make great wardrobes, cots, armoires, etageres and decorative pieces of furniture. MDF is not grainy and is free from knots and internal layers. Its smooth surface makes it easy to paint and to create grooves or mouldings. It is a sustainable material that is affordable. 

A contemporary style bedroom interior can easily be created by combining warm coloured bedroom MDF with soft fabrics and a 

modern design. Add some large glass windows, wood floors or even wood panelling to make it cosier. Contemporary art on the walls, a couple of bamboo chairs and woodwork in a pleasant finish can make this your favourite room in the house.

4. Bedroom plywood material

Plywood is another engineered wood that has been a go-to option for fixed furniture by designers for decades now. It is available in many kinds of finishes and is used for floors, ceilings and furniture, like wardrobes and cabinets. It is thick and strong, comes as sheets, does not warp or crack, is smooth, and cheaper than solid wood. Know more about MDF vs Plywood for your bedroom interior materials.

Plywood is very versatile and can be used to create some exquisite plywood bedroom designs like a coastal themed interior. Beach-inspired-décor is casual and serene and uses plenty of wood from flooring to wall panels to furniture. Choose bedroom plywood in distressed finishes as it looks beach-worn. By using different shades of blues and greys and some warm touches of yellow, you can make the bedroom warm and serene.

5. Particle Boards for bedroom interiors

Particle board is a waste-wood product that doesn’t bow or warp and is smoother than plywood. It is environment-friendly, light-weight, more economical than plywood and is a good choice for bedroom interior furniture.

Particle boards can be used to create a lovely rustic bedroom. The wood can be used for rustic interior painted wall panels as an accent to bedroom décor. Add upcycled fiber furniture for bedroom, massive rugs and beat up storage trunks as tables or night stands to create an idyllic escape.


Interior finish is the layer that is used over the underlying material to give it a finish. These finishes may be used over the floors, the walls, the ceiling and over furniture. It can just be one finish or a combination of different finishes to produce maximum effect. Choosing the right finish will mean the difference between an ordinary looking bedroom and one that is unique and stylish.

1. Veneer bedroom interior finishes

Veneers are thin layers of wood pressed together. The thickness of a veneer determines its durability. Veneers are economical and are eco-friendly as they can be recycled. There are veneers with oil-based finishes and water-based finishes as well as lacquer finishes. They last longer than laminates and can be polished in different colours and stained to be gloss or matte.

2. Laminate bedroom interior finishes

If you are using HDF, MDF, plywood or particle board for furniture, wall panels and flooring in your bedroom, the best finish is a laminate one. Laminates are a composite artificial material available in the form 

Choose suitable bedroom interior finishes - Beautiful Homes

of sheets and come in different styles like:
1.    Matte-finish laminate – Good for cabinetry.
2.    Textured laminate – Can simulate texture of natural surfaces like leather, raw silk, suede, stone stucco finishes and so on.
3.    Gloss-finish laminate – Provides a reflective sheen that makes a space look bright and airy.
4.    Metallic laminate – Provides a sleek and chic finish.
5.    PVC-finish laminate – Highly durable and waterproof.
6.    Acrylic-finish laminate – Reflects light and adds instant brightness to any space. 

3. Lacquer glass bedroom interior finishes

Lacquered glass also known as back-painted glass is a type of decorative glass with a layer of colour coating on one surface. This highly durable finish is baked and cured in the oven. Some innovative ways to use lacquered glass in a modern bedroom design are as wall panels, cupboards and cabinets, and as stylish plywood bedroom marker boards. There are a wide variety of lacquered glass designs available to brighten up your space with their attractive hues.

Mirror for spacious bedroom interior finishes - Beautiful Homes

4. Mirror bedroom interior finishes

Mirrors are an aesthetically pleasing and functional style to finish your master bedroom interiors with. They add depth and make a small bedroom seem bigger and impart a sense of space to the interiors. The important factor is to decide which parts of your bedroom you want to finish with a mirror. The height at which the mirror is installed will influence the visual appeal of the space and it should be used to emphasise focal points in the room and deflect from awkward or unpleasing spots. 

5. Coloured Glass bedroom interior finishes

Glass in different ways has become a big player in interior design. It can be used as glass partitions, in cabinetry, on the windows, and even as art on the wall. Coloured glass is the latest craze and they come in a rainbow of hues, like red, yellow, green and blue, as well as dark hues such as grey and brown. A bedroom plywood partition wall with a coloured glass finish will make a lovely accent screen and can be the focal point of your bedroom.


When Beautiful Homes signs on to your project, your dream becomes ours. The design consultation with our customer experience specialist and designers is the launching pad for every new project. The scope of your project, your goals, your budget, and design process review will be discussed.

Our design team will develop a design scheme and a colour scheme. Interior design materials for flooring, counters and cabinets will be selected and sourced. Wall, floor coverings, window treatments, fabrics and trims will be chosen. Every detail is considered and you will be presented with carefully edited selections that represent the best choices for your space. We will give you a beautiful and comfortable bedroom that you can come home to and relax at the end of the day.

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