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Organise your walk-in wardrobe

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Organizing your wardrobe is half the battle won, in your efforts to get ready on time. Here are our top tips help you stay stylish by helping you reorganize your walk-in wardrobe designs for bedroom:

Being well turned out involves more than having a great sense of style or an eye for great fashion finds. And if you’ve ever stared at a closet full of stuff and felt like you had nothing to wear, we’ve got simple solutions for you.

These are our tips for organising your walk-in wardrobe:

Smart space usage
Make the best use of your closet space and resist the temptation to cram it with more, more, more. (Read organisation wizard, Marie Kondo’s tips for a clutter-free wardrobe)
·        Create season-specific sections, for example, for winter wear, shoes, and bags to make your closet more user-friendly.

·         A built-in safe for your valuables can be discreetly concealed with a panel.

·         Drawers at the bottom instead of low shelves keep items visible, make for easier access and allow storage above them.

·         For shoes, use horizontal pullout racks for storage with better ventilation.

·         Insert wedged, triangular shelving, or rods for hanging to make the best of all corner space.

·         A large closet space will shine with an island dressing table with seating and storage, such as the kind custom built by
          Pluschliving.com. Perfect to let you dress in style, with everything within arm’s reach.

What you see, is what you get
Visibility saves time and energy, and makes for better planning of daily wear as well as packing for travels.
·         Install concealed lights between the shelving, and make sure the lighting is both horizontal and vertical to properly illuminate
          closet contents.

·         Use transparent glass or acrylic shutters as cabinets or shelf covers where you keep bags and shoes; High visibility, zero dust.

·         Arrange items based on accessibility; store bulky winter wear, resort wear, heirloom sarees, vintage gowns or classic tuxedos
          in the sections above the wardrobe. Use a ladder when they’re needed.

·        Separate items into his and hers sections, you won’t get in each other’s way while getting ready.

Protection and Care
Well-cared for possessions last longer and make it worth investing in the right storage style.
·         Categorise what needs to be hung, or folded and stacked on shelves, or rolled like ties and scarves. This saves space and
           reduces creasing, which saves ironing time.

·         Special display shelves for individual sunglasses and spectacles to protect their delicate and reflective surfaces.

·         A mannequin head is great for hats as well as for hanging bulky necklaces.

·         Special jewellery inserts lined with velvet prevent your baubles getting scratched.

·         If you’re a watch aficionado, invest in watch winders that regularly wind up your expensive watches as they hang in your
          closet. This way, they never stop working even when not worn for a long time.

·         Line your bags up, side by side, on regular shelves since stacking will scratch them, while hanging puts unnecessary stress on

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