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Modern bedroom design to quarantine in style

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Often confused with more contemporary design styles, modern bedroom design is all about simplicity and letting go of unwanted elements. Primarily revolving around a colour palette of earthy shades, modern room design actually came into existence in the late 1800s.

This ought to be the favourite design pick for anyone who likes to keep it sleek yet luxurious: a calming interior and the furthest away from anything even remotely relating to bohemian décor.

Living in these particular times, where our home is our whole world, maybe it is time for a bedroom renovation! We’ve curated a list of the most inspiring modern bedroom designs to take cues from. Ready? Set? Go!

Grey and silver are siblings who complement each other despite the complete absence of contrast and – in our humble opinion – their combo in a colour palette is king in modern room design. You know what else looks like silver? Mirrors. We can’t help but admire how messy yet stunning this modern bedroom design is, certainly due to the little contrast and the limited print play. While the wall behind the bed is the undisputed hero of this bedroom, the mirror console table and lamps add a breath-taking luxe factor!

Modern bedroom design in grey and silver with coffered wall and a console table with mirror doors

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs

Classy modern bedroom design in blue and grey with abstract art canvas on the wall and a persian carpet

Image courtesy, Aparna Kaushik

Close your eyes for 20 seconds and recall how you felt last time you heard jazz music tickle down your eardrums: now open your eyes and absorb this modern bedroom design. We bet you can hear the jazz even now, because that’s how classic yet fun this modern bedroom design is supposed to be!

Every shade is grounded, giving this room a slightly cold feel, yet colours like blue, yellow and green are all used ever so subtly.

Our favourite detail? That abstract art canvas that just adds to the mystery of this modern bedroom design.

Keep only what you need and make it soft. This is what any bedroom design mantra should be. After all, it’s the place where we mostly seek calm and comfort.

This modern bedroom design looks as raw as a cave, but it sure feels like a castle of velvet. Let this be the perfect reminder that not all the space needs to be occupied. There is some unsaid beauty in neat empty spaces.

If this seems too cold of a modern bedroom design for you but you can’t take your eyes off of it for some reason, try switching to yellow lights: it would instantly warm up the atmosphere!

Modern bedroom design with colder shades, velvet bed, big mirrors and a potted plant

Image courtesy, Giorgetti

Muted modern bedroom design with simply framed workspace, a marshmallow armchair and a patterned desk chair

Image courtesy, Aparna Kaushik

We love every little detail in this modern bedroom design. The bed is luxurious yet still thanks to the shades used, its placement breaks the loud wall and carpet creating the perfect balance. The side table and ceiling lamps add some much needed texture to this otherwise muted modern bedroom design.

If this bedroom were a cloudy monsoon evening, the marshmallow armchair breaks through it to give us calming vibes, reflecting the brightness from the window.

What always seems to rule modern décor is minimal frames, the workspace in this room is the perfect example of this. While the chair is patterned to stand out against all-things-wood, that little house plant is a breath of fresh air.

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It may sound funny, but this is the essence of modern décor: sober shades and elements used so beautifully to design a space with as many designs as possible. This modern bedroom has a good amount of contrast since it plays around with over twelve shades of orange.

What makes it work is how strategically each shade is placed to match one another. For instance, the side table, mini cushions and lamp balls are muddy-coloured but spread across the room so they don’t compete with each other.

What we love about this modern bedroom design is how easy it is to incorporate white and black in any given space.

Modern bedroom design with geometric wall elements, many orange shades, black and white details

Image courtesy, 42MM

Modern bedroom design with blue touches for a livelier atmosphere, patterned headboard and colourful cushions

Image courtesy, Sanjyt Syngh

Following all that we’ve learnt about modern design until now, if your heart still desires to breathe more life into your modern bedroom, shades of blue might just be the best choice like we see in this image.

With different shades of blue in solid and print spread across the cushions, blanket and lamp, the entire dynamics of this modern bedroom just switches to an aquatic feel altogether. What’s commendable is the headboard of the bed that includes shades of blue in floral patterns – clear but not loud.

That one should choose white for a smaller room comes as no surprise, it is in fact not a secret that white makes any room look more spacious. Modern bedroom design is no exception.

Using white together with shades of beige in a modern bedroom design in a cloud-like setting. Gold coming into the picture enhances the luxe factor by a tasteful notch, while a little green is the oldest trick in the book to please the eyes.

If a neutral modern bedroom is the room of your dreams, this one right here is just right to take cues from.

Modern bedroom design for small rooms with white and beige and potted plants for a touch of green

Image courtesy, Nitin Kohli Home

Sleek modern bedroom design in dark wood with warm lights and colourful cushions

Image courtesy, Windsor Grande, Photography by Prachi Damle

Day or night, this modern bedroom design makes you feel like you’re living in a James Bond movie, doesn’t it? Modern, sleek yet with a state-of-the-art design.

While dark wood dominates the interior, white and beige complement it , reflecting the artificial warm yellow light under the shelves. Here we don’t have a full view of the couch area but adding grounded shades through cushions and accessories is always a good choice.

A royal blue velvet bed with beige sheets is a rare but appealing sight. Truly one of a kind. While the rest of the furniture is made of dark wood, the rest of the space left much lighter with only muted shades.

The highlight of this bedroom is, without a doubt, the golden details – on the switch board, lamp, clock and on the little knobs. If you turn your eyes to the fan, you’ll realise just how much attention to details has been paid.

Can you imagine a cosy monsoon evening spent in here looking out of the glass wall? Magical.

Modern bedroom design with royal blue velvet bed, beige sheets, dark wooden furniture and glass wall

Image courtesy, Interiors by Mili

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