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Follow our tips to welcome your guests with a cosy room filled with memories

Even though you don’t spend a lot of time in the guest room, your guests will spend their entire stay there. The room shouldn't be about just the bare necessities. Over and above cleaning and changing the sheets, look at making the room a space you would want to live in and your guests will appreciate the personal, cosy vibe.

•        Bunches of fresh flowers placed in colourful vases can instantly add a cheerful vibe to your modern guest room.

•        The bedding doesn’t have to be elaborate but a good mattress, quality cotton sheets, few fluffy pillows and a plush duvet
          make for a great night’s sleep and your guests will appreciate the effort.

•        You can also invest in a memory foam pillow in case you know of any back or neck issues your guests may have.

•        A great décor accessory is window furnishings; they enliven the room and afford your guests greater privacy.

•        Keep extra towels, toilet paper, robes and blankets in the wardrobe for easy accessibility.

•        If there isn’t enough space for a small cupboard or chest of drawers, a luggage rack or short table for bags goes a long way in
          making the stay more comfortable.

•        Stock the bedside table with a scented candle, alarm clock, lamp and light reading material they would find interesting. Add a
          power strip with multiple sockets for chargers etc, as well. 

•        Display pictures of shared memories on the wall, it injects a special personal touch.

•        Make sure the bathroom is stocked with necessary toiletries, a first aid kit and a laundry basket.

•        If space allows, include a small mirror and table in the room.

•        Go the extra mile and arrange for a small tea/coffee station – a kettle, few tea bags, packets of coffee, mugs, spoons, water
          and even a few chocolates on a tray. You can even place a bowl of fresh fruit for a mid-night snack.

•        Small touches can make your guests feel more welcome – your Wi-Fi password printed out on pretty paper and placed in a
          picture frame on the bedside table, a reading corner near the window or a note expressing how happy you are to host them.

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