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A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing to be nurtured and celebrated and a great canvas to do so is their very own bedroom. We know how interiors, colours and design can boost our overall wellbeing so why not use similar principles within your kids’ bedroom design? As your children grow older, involve them in the process of planning the kids’ room décor; the key is to find a good balance between their imaginations and the functionality of the room. We walk you through a few basic steps and show you some inspiring kid’s rooms that might have you wanting to be a kid again.


1.    Layout

The layout of the kid’s bedroom should allow for maximum functionality and circulation. The space constraints of the room play a major role in deciding the children’s bedroom furniture designs especially the big, permanent pieces like bed(s), wardrobe(s) and/or study area(s).

•    Try to divide the room into zones for sleep, play, study, dress
      and storage with a free flow from one zone to the next.

•    Remember to factor in windows, doors and electrical outlets as
      well as the space required for drawers and cupboard doors to

White kid's room with a single bed - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Photographee.eu/ shutterstock

•    Plan your layout to maximize the natural light in the room and keep as much floor space free for play time.

•    Keep in mind, as your kids get older, they will want a bit of their own space, especially in a shared bedroom. 

Furniture for your kids bedroom interior - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Cuckooland

2.    Children’s bedroom furniture

Every kid’s bedroom needs three lasting pieces – a bed, a wardrobe and a desk. Remember, some of the furniture should grow with their ever-changing needs. You will also need to have enough storage or the possibility to expand storage as your children grow and need more space.

•    In a shared bedroom, a bigger wardrobe and desk can be
      shared spaces while identical beds will make up some of the
      personal space for each child. Try to keep these pieces versatile
      or neutral to allow for change in décor as they grow older.

•    Be on the lookout for multi-purpose furniture, especially those that add creative or concealed storage.

•    A great children’s bedroom décor idea is to vertical space to the maximum for display units, décor and storage. 

•    When placing bunk beds, make sure the top bunk is far away from the ceiling fan and place them away from windows. Add a railing on the
       top bunk for extra safety.

•    Consider an L-shaped arrangement for twin beds. 

•    Use the vertical space above the study table(s) efficiently with built-in cabinets or bookshelves.

•    Consider sliding door wardrobes which work well in tight spaces. 

3.    Themes and colours

When it comes to children’s bedroom interior design, colours and themes can be quite a difficult to settle on.

•    As kids grow older, factor in their likes and personalities into
      the decision-making process; involve them in the design stage.

•    Kids’ tastes and preferences can change pretty quickly. Keep
      larger or permanent pieces neutral or muted to be able to
      adapt to different themes and/or colour schemes.

•    In a shared bedroom, you might have to blend various
      preferences into a cohesive space. If you can’t settle on a 

Interesting themes & colours to enhance your kids bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Peekaboo Interiors

      common theme, try creating a balance of their favourite colours as accents within a neutral colour scheme. Personalise individual areas with
      soft furnishings, wall decals, décor items, personal souvenirs and colours they pick out.


Take a look at these wonderful children’s room décor ideas to inspire your next bedroom makeover.

L shaped bed arrangement for a perfect shared bedroom interior for kids - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shonali Mahajan

1.    The perfect shared kids’ bedroom

This children’s bedroom design is the perfect way to share a space yet give each child their own zones. The L-shape arrangement frees up the centre of the room while elevating the beds and fitting study areas below are great ways to utilize every inch of space. A colour palette like this one can grow with the kids well into their teenage years. 

2.    Stepping up the bunk bed game in the kids’ bedroom

Regular bunk beds are great but this one really takes it to another level with the theme, storage in the stairs and providing each kid with a private cocoon.

Setting up bunk bed games for your kids is an innovative way of decorating their bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy: Collov home design/ unsplash

Colourful play area for kids room is a smart way of adding fun to their room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Asian Paints

3.    A colourful play area for your kids’ room décor

Encourage your kids’ imagination with colour in their play area. Design a wall storage with a tree house theme to get them excited. 

4.    Dark colours can also work for your kids’ room décor

This is a great example of how to use black or darker colours in your kids’ bedroom. By contrasting the black wall with a light, aviation-themed wallpaper, the room still has a fun element to it. Softer touches with sheers and pillows add to the lightness while the colourful details on the black wall break up the monotony. You could also use chalkboard paint on the wall (not to be confused with chalk paint) to create an unlimited canvas where your kids can scribble and draw.

Kid's bedroom décor with wall painting - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42MM

Wallpaper can be a great addition for your kids bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

5.    Turn your children’s bedroom interiors into a vibrant escape

Wallpaper is a great addition to your children’s bedroom interior design as you can always change it with relative ease in a few years. Choose a fun print in vibrant colours to accentuate one wall and pull colours from the wallpaper into the soft furnishings to tie the look together. From the bed design to the colourful decorative elements, this bedroom is all about fun.

6.    Design your kids’ room interior to maximize space

This bedroom makes great use of space with the children’s bedroom furniture seamlessly flowing from one zone to the next. It also frees up a lot of floor space in the centre of the room. There is ample storage, a comfortable bed and a large study area all fit against one wall. The predominantly white room is elevated by pockets of colour and the patterned flooring. 

Children's bedroom interior design with abstract flooring - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio Osmosis

Children's bedroom furniture with a swing - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Jafara/ shutterstock

7.    Minimal doesn’t mean boring

Not everyone likes oodles of colour and prints; minimal décor or a neutral colour scheme can also work well in a kid’s bedroom with fun elements added to the mix. The idea is to steer clear of a cold, stark room so layer natural materials and textures. You want the space to be enjoyable and soothing. Adding wood and natural materials can infuse the minimal décor with enough warmth without overpowering the décor. 

Designing a kids’ bedroom can be a fun activity that you can do with your children. Keep in mind factors like layout, design, functionality, ever-changing needs and preferences as well as your child’s personality. If you are looking for skilled guidance, the design experts at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints will definitely be able to bring your and your kids’ vision to life. They can guide you with children’s bedroom ideas and you will get the benefit of a panel of expert designers along with a dedicated project manager to work out each step of the way. You can also peruse the Beautiful Homes online shop or retails stores in various cities for furniture, lighting and décor.

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