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How to organise your under-bed storage

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Handy tips on how to get the most out of the space under your bed

The space under your bed can be a storage boon especially in small apartments but it is all too easy for this area to become a dumping ground. The key, as with all organisation projects, is to first streamline what you want to store. Get rid of anything you don’t want, need or have use for and make your bedroom design look more spacious.

Set it straight
Chalk out exactly what you want to use the extra storage for, assign a section for each category and stick to it. If you have the option, look at buying a bed with built-in storage. Pull-out drawers are better if you want to store things that you use frequently like shoes or your book collection while hydraulic storage is easier to use if you want to store items not used regularly such as extra bed linen, curtains, cushion covers and woollens.

Build your own 
For beds without built-in storage, you can buy large plastic bins with partitions or get your local carpenter to make a few pull-out drawers with wheels for easier accessibility and use. Vacuum-sealed storage bags help save space and are great for storing off-season clothes. Arrange what you frequently use on the perimeter while things you use sporadically should go towards the centre.

Hiding the clutter
The best way to hide the storage containers is by using a bed skirt or look at disguising the storage instead. Choose large wicker baskets for that rustic look or get a wooden box and add detailing like ceramic knobs. Covering the outside of plastic bins with wallpaper can add to your décor making the storage both functional and aesthetically pleasing.    

Keep it fresh
Remember to regularly dust around the boxes and vacuum inside at least once a month. Sachets filled with dried neem leaves, cedar wood blocks or lavender stalks work wonders with keeping away mold and moths. Use silica gel beads or ‘Absorbia’ packs to keep moisture at bay especially during the monsoon.

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