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How to keep your bedroom cool and comfortable naturally

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Air-conditioners are great, and they feel like an essential in the heat. But they’re horrid on the environment and terrible for your electricity bill. Perhaps you care about one and not the other? But we’re going to bat for a few sustainable ways to keep cool, especially when we are all spending a lot of time indoors. So, a few mindful bedroom design suggestions to keep your bedroom cool, calm, and sweat-free…

1.    Use light bedding
a. For the summer, use light covers, and thin light quilts. Heavy quilts are best for the winter. 

b. Choose sheets that absorb sweat better and allow air to circulate. Linen can be quite rough and warm as bedding during the summer.

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2.    A blanket hack
a. Place sheets in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer for a bit before bedtime. It won’t last the whole night, but, you’ll fall asleep feeling cool.

b. There’s an old Egyptian hack: dampen your sheets and wring out all the excess water. Then sandwich yourself between a dry sheet below you and the moist one on top. This actually remains cool almost the whole night. Remember: Only try this if you live in a place with dry climatic conditions. 

3.    Not all windows should be open. 
a. If you have windows with access to strong sunlight then keep it shut during the day. The drapes must cover them completely, keeping sun and heat out. 

b. Once the sun goes down, open the windows for cool air to enter. Make sure you have a safety net, grills or a mesh to keep out mosquitos and critters. If it’s possible and safe, then keep windows open at night. 

4.    Switch the lights off!
a. Don’t leave lights on for too long, because bulbs add to the heat in a room.

b. Choose dim lights in the evening over bright ones. 

c. Even electronic appliances emit heat when they’re in use, making a room hotter, so keep these entirely off. 

5.    Décor
a. Declutter the bedroom.

b. Choose light and cool-coloured décor for a visually calm and chilled looking room. Plus, it doesn’t absorb as much heat as darker colours. 

Bedroom Design Ideas With Cool-Coloured Décor, Wooden Bedside Table and A Chair - Beautiful Homes

Choosing light and cool-coloured décor will make sure your room looks visually calm. Plus, it doesn’t absorb as much heat as darker colours. Photography by Prachi Damle

6.    Ice cooler
If you do not have a regular cooler, then here’s a DIY: place a large metal bowl of ice in front of a table fan. This will circulate cool moisture-infused air in the room, keeping the space cool.

7.    Plants
a. Place a few indoor plants in your room. This makes the room look and feels cooler. They also naturally humidify the air. 

b. You can also place plants right outside your windows. They cool and filter hot air coming into your room. Plus, your windows will look great from the outside!

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