How to create a cosy bedroom

Follow our 10 easy tips to create a cosy bedroom you can retreat to at the end of the day

What better way to enjoy the weather than a warm bedroom you can hibernate in, preferably with a mug of hot chocolate? It’s time to abandon the blanket forts for a snug bedroom. Turning a few things around and adding some essentials will give your bedroom that cosy makeover you’ve been vying for:

1.    A good mattress
The thumb rule to follow for a cosy bedroom is having a good mattress. A bedroom isn’t cosy if the bed isn’t comfy! Invest in a good mattress and keep it in great shape by rotating it periodically.

2.    Create a canopy
This is a fail-safe way to up the cosy meter in the bedroom. Adding a soft, cotton cloth canopy over your bed creates a sheltered cocoon, instantly upping the inviting factor.

3.    Get a tufted headboard
For that plush and comfy vibe, get a tufted or quilted headboard. We vote for one upholstered in velvet for that extra luxe look.

4.    Pay attention to soft furnishings
Keep the bedding a light, clean colour and invest in duvets and quilts that are comfortable to help you get a good night’s sleep. Throw in several cushions for a plush, sinkable bed.

5.    Hang a rope swing
If you’re a fan of dainty corners, think about getting a rope or cane swing to hang in the bedroom. This can come in handy for reading or even a quick nap.

6.    Try dark colours
While light colours can make a space seem more open and airier, dark or tonal colours create a more relaxed atmosphere. If you ask us, we’re partial towards grey.

7.    Use dim lighting
For a cosy look and feel, dim lighting is the way to go. Invest in table lamps with heavy shades or dimmable lights in warm colours to achieve the effect you’re aiming for. You can also light candles and string up a few fairy lights for a soft glow.

8.    Warm flooring
You don’t want to step onto a cold, hard floor when you step out of your warm, soft bed. Get a furry, thick rug to place under or on either side of your bed. A rug also helps bring in warmth in the room.

9.    Choose calming art
Avoid high-energy colours such as reds, oranges, and deep yellows. Instead, choose art pieces with blue and green tones for a calming effect in your bedroom.

10.    Keep technology out
Blue light emitted by electronic screens leads to delayed sleep. So, it’s advisable to not bring these into the bedroom. Ditch the tv and opt for a bookshelf and stock it with magazines and books to flip through before sleeping.

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