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How to create a calm bedroom

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Turn your bedroom into the ultimate peaceful escape with our handy guide on creating a calm, soothing haven

The bedroom is not a place where you retreat to for just a goodnight’s sleep. It should be equal parts de-stressing and rejuvenating to use during the day as well. Balancing both these needs can be tricky, but you can turn your bedroom interiors into the perfect oasis with our handy tips.

Go minimal
Choose calming colours like soft blues, muted greens, pastel pinks and cool greys and accessorise your room with only essential furniture. You can throw in a few soothing art pieces for the walls. Avoid stocking up things on your bedside table for a streamlined look. (If you’re looking to declutter, read De-cluttering checklist – Bedroom)

All about the bed
Splurge on a top-quality mattress; companies like Simmons and Hastens design different types for various needs (Refer to our guide on picking the mattress right for you in How to choose a mattress). Great bed linen can also work wonders – a plush comforter, quality cotton sheets and comfortable pillows make for a sinkable space. Consider an upholstered headboard for added comfort. Stay away from bold patterns and colours though.

Light and sound show
Natural light filtering through sheer curtains will make your bedroom a refreshing spot during the day while soft, warm lights with dimmers are ideal for the night. Look at layered window furnishings to allow for different amounts of light to filter in throughout the day. (If you’re confused as to how to go about it, read our quick tips in Decode: Window Furnishings). Another great investment is tinted or reflective glass for cutting out heat and radiation and double-glazed glass to cut out outside noise.

Soothe the senses
Surround yourself with finishing touches that are aimed at elevating your comfort. Your nightstand should be stocked with a scent diffuser, soothing lamp, place for a glass of water and if you like to read, a good book. Consider adding a plush rug, a soft bed-throw and a potted plant to the room.

Tech-free zone
Keep your bedroom free of televisions, laptops and computers. If you have space, convert another nook into your workstation. Your cell phone charging station should also ideally be away from the bed.

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