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Flooring design ideas for your bedroom

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When it comes to bedroom floor design, there’s a wide range of materials and options for you to choose from. Plus, this choice is very important, as even if you normally prefer footwear, your bare feet are sure to come in contact with your bedroom flooring as you get into and out of bed. From durability, to maintenance, look, feel and comfort, every aspect needs to be taken into consideration.

But, how do you decide on what’s the best flooring for bedrooms in Indian middle class homes? Let’s look at the choices that are available to you, as well as their Pros and Cons.

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting : Comfy Bedroom Floor Design

World-wide, one of the most popular choices of material in bedroom floor design is wall-to-wall carpeting. But why is this the case? And is carpeting really a smart choice for Indian homes? How easy is it to maintain and what happens in the monsoon or during the hot summer months? It’s best to consider these basics when it comes to bedroom carpet flooring.

Know more about types of flooring that suites best for your home.

Pros : Soft and comfortable texture. Both non-slip and warm. An underlay for extra cushioning and sound buffering – in foam, rubber or felt padding – makes these floors much quieter and less dangerous.

Wall to Wall carpeting design for your bedroom flooring - Beautiful Homes

Cons : It stains easily and will collect allergens, dirt and dust, as well as moisture. Can be a problem for pest control. Not very pet friendly and will require extra care and effort if you have small children. Ruins the flooring beneath it. It is warm in all weathers, which may not be suitable for all parts of India.

Ceramic or Vitrified tile to enhance your bedroom flooring design - Beautiful Homes

Spruce Up Your Bedroom Floor Design : Ceramic or Vitrified Tile

For modern bedroom flooring, either vitrified or ceramic tiles are one of the most popular options today. Vitrified tiles are slightly harder in composition, which is why they are often preferred in high-traffic areas. Of course, ceramic tiles are still durable and can even last upto 20 years when maintained properly. What’s more, in other aspects, such as value for money and available options, they come in a beautifully wide range. Therefore, when deciding on your bedroom floor design, it is better to consider the décor theme and finish that you’re going for while picking your tile.

Pros : Wide range of styles, prints, colours and finishes. A much cheaper option than stone and hardwood. Easy to install and maintain. Highly durable with a low porosity and an impervious surface.

Cons : Tiles are highly prone to breakage during transport and installation; you will have to buy more tiles than are required for your floor space. Additionally, necessitates a good installation team. The grouting between the tiles will need regular cleaning and upkeep, which is both time consuming and high-effort. Even with frequent maintenance and care, tile has a shorter lifespan when compared to stone flooring.

The Best Bedroom Floor Design Ideas : Natural Stone

While wall-to-wall bedroom carpet flooring is starting to catch on, stone flooring has been a popular choice for millenia in Indian homes. Options like slate, marble, limestone, travertine, granite and sandstone, are valued for their sustainability, durability and ageless style.

In particular granite and marble, despite higher costs and a longer installation process, are often favourites due to their aesthetic appeal, luxurious finish and wide range of colour options. In larger rooms, marble is often used to create patterned flooring, but sticking to less busy marble flooring designs for bedroom spaces 

Natural Stone flooring design for your bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

is advisable. While each natural stone has its own properties, stone flooring as a whole, does have some definite pros and cons.

Pros : A wide price range when it comes to grade, finish and pattern. Almost unlimited options to suit different budgets, décor styles and colour schemes for flooring. Most are relatively stain-resistant when finished and with appropriate maintenance, exceptionally durable. Given India’s tropical weather, stone, which stays cool for most parts of the year, is a great choice.

Cons : Even when used indoors in a low traffic area like the bedroom, stone floors do need to be professionally sealed every 4-5 years to maintain their durability and look. Some stone flooring, such as marble, is easy to scratch or chip, and prone to acidic discolouration caused by food spills or harsh cleaning agents; maintenance can be tricky. If you live in a colder region, having various bedroom carpets ideas will be necessary, to prevent cold feet yet avoid tripping hazards.

Wood flooring for your bedroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

Wood : For A Timeless Bedroom Floor Design

Wooden flooring is very popular due to its natural look and feel. Being both luxurious and practical, there are multiple wood flooring options available to you; such as laminated wood, engineered wood, bamboo and hardwood. They also come in strips, planks and parquet patterns, which gives you more customisability. Despite the fact that it can be slightly expensive and difficult to maintain over time, hardwood is a particular favourite when it comes to bedroom floor design. Wooden floors match any décor style, from classy, to rustic or cosy, depending on the finish used. What’s more, with the addition of a bedroom carpet design your options become more varied.

Pros : When well maintained and properly cared for, it’s durable and may never need to be replaced. More resilient than stone or tile flooring. Comes in natural shades to suit a variety of bedroom floor design ideas. Available at varying price levels to suit your budget. Creates a springy surface with more give than stone, that is comfortable to walk on. Stays cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather. Sustainable, and can be made from repurposed or recycled wood to increase its eco-friendliness.

Cons : Over time, wear and tear can cause noises such as creaks and squeaks. Additionally, wood floors have no sound-absorption value or insulation. Vulnerable to moisture and extreme weather conditions, they will require extra maintenance and care to avoid warping and deterioration of the wood. 

Terracotta : A Touch of Earth for Your Bedroom Floor Design

Terracotta has a traditional, natural aesthetic and visual appeal. This clay-based material comes in red and brown earth-tones and is well known for its toughness; being not only highly durable but also very easy to maintain. Most terracotta tiles are smaller in size, but they do come in a variety of shapes, to give you more options in bedroom floor design. What’s more, these tiles only get more beautiful with age, when they’re properly maintained, since consistent friction on the surfaces brings about a natural sheen.

Pros :  Very resistant to scratches and other damage, and will quickly absorb liquids that are spilled upon the surface. While the 

Terracotta flooring to give traditional touch to your bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

addition of a carpet for bedroom floor décor, can add to your style, it isn’t needed as this natural material remains a comfortable temperature no matter the weather. Since there is a natural temperature regulation and comfortable feel to this flooring bed ideas can be more varied, with even floor level bedding being cosy throughout the year. Cons : As it only comes in earth tones, you do need to be careful about your colour choices for the rest of the room, which can be slightly limiting. As mentioned in the pro section, it will quickly absorb liquids, so you do need to be careful to wipe up any potential stains.

Red-Oxide Or Cement : A Rustic Feel in Bedroom Floor Design

While the use of more traditional flooring ideas for bedroom design like cement and red-oxide are no longer as prevalent, they remain a great choice for Indian homes when you take into consideration cost factors, durability and even beauty.

Pros : For bedroom flooring, these materials are extremely durable and easy maintenance. Oxide floors are cool to the touch, which makes them a great choice in warmer areas and tropical climates.

Cons : Finding experienced professionals who can create these floors to your specifications may be a little difficult. Your colour choices are limited. If the floor is improperly finished, the colour can bleed. Can be very slippery when wet and isn’t always the best fit for décor that is heavy on bedroom carpet design themes.

So, which of these flooring options do you think suits your bedroom floor design the best?

Our expert team at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, is always here to partner with you in making the perfect choice! Get in touch and let’s work together to find the right flooring for your bedroom and the ideal décor scheme for your home. From looking for unique accessories, curated furniture and lighting options, to helping you ideate and execute a room you’re sure to love; we’re here to navigate you through the design process, end-to-end.

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