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Effortless window treatments for a stylish bedroom

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Window dressing is often the last element in an interior design project and it rarely gets the attention it deserves. But there is merit in treating window design as a more than just a final, finishing touch. For one, window treatments take up a considerable area of the bedroom décor. This means that window designs in a bedroom can actually lend or even lead the style and personality of the room.

Like paint colours and furniture or ceiling designs and lighting, window treatments have the ability to transform the bedroom – whether it’s about creating an illusion of higher ceilings and wider spaces or setting the mood by adjusting the levels of natural light. But unlike more permanent decisions like picking out a bed or selecting the paint, installing window treatments comes with far fewer hassles and commitments. Window furnishings like curtains and blinds can simply be swapped, just like new bed linen and small décor items are routinely changed for a quick room refresh.

Window treatments for simple bedrooms are broadly categorised as hard window treatments, soft window treatments or layered window treatments, that are simply combination of both hard and soft window treatments. All window furnishings in  soft materials like sheers, curtains, drapes and roman shades fall under soft window treatments whereas more permanent solutions made with wood and vinyl like shades, blinds and shutters are known as hard window treatments. It’s not unusual to mix and match these for a personalised solution in the bedroom. Afterall, the bedroom is the most sacred and intimate space in a home.

So whether you want to maximise the natural light and open up your room to the outdoors or create a warm and cosy haven, here are the latest window treatment ideas for an effortlessly chic bedroom:

Floor-grazing window treatments for a simple bedroom

Floor-grazing curtains are the simplest solution in bedrooms with low ceiling height or oddly placed windows. While floor-to-ceiling windows have gained popularity in newer skyscrappers, not everyone is blessed with with dramatic windows or the views that come with them. This means window treatments for simple bedrooms must double down to not only tackle issues of adding a privacy screen and filtering natural light but also create the illusion of height. Playing it safe with floor-grazing curtains can help make the bedroom look bigger than it is – simply pick curtain fabrics in colours that compliment the wall colour, replace eyelets to match the curtain pole or opt for curtains with sewn-in pleats with discreet hooks for a fully flushed look.

STYLE TIP: For a bright, airy atmosphere in the bedroom, pick curtain fabrics like linen which allow natural light to dapple through even when they are fully drawn and also offer the privacy you need. And if you do opt for a fabric like linen, always position 

Wall art & photo frames for your bedroom interior designs - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Spacejoy / unsplash

them as high as possible over the window and ensure they fall to the floor, even a bit longer, to truly make the most of the bedroom’s full height.

Ceiling to floor curtains for a luxe window design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architects

Go all out with wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor curtains for a luxe window design

While there is a lot to gain from simple, sheer and light fabric curtains, there is nothing quite like expansive wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor curtains in rich, dark fabrics like velvet. Heavy fabrics don’t just keep out the excess light and sound but they are essential for houses on higher floors in skyscapers to keep out any unwanted drafts and strong winds too.

STYLE TIP: To make the most of ceiling-to-floor curtains, consider concealing the curtain roads completely to make the most of the ceiling height and lengthen the room to the fullest.

Venetian blinds for simple bedroom window design

If you’re looking for a simple and elegant window treatment solution, Venetian blinds are ideal. They are made up of horizontal slats or louvres that give you the look associated with shutters without the high costs and hassle of installation. Venetian blinds are sleek and stylish and can be matched with the bedroom’s colour pallete for a cohesive look. They work best in minimalist, simple bedroom designs such as this monochromatic bedroom in shades of grey. When used strategically, the streamlined look of Venetian can be plush and luxurious without breaking the bank.

EXPERT TIP: Just like shutters, Venetian blinds do gather dust so always opt for colours and shades that are easier to clean off. You 

Monochromatic Bedroom design with shades of grey for your beautiful bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dariusz Jarzabek/ shutterstock

can also opt for Venetian blinds that have bigger slats for easy cleaning and upkeep.

Roller window blinds & poster beds for your luxurious looking simple bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, reD

Less is more with roller shade blinds for windows

If you’re luckly enough to have windows that take up an entire wall, blending with an outdoor deck, garden or patio, roller window blinds that open up all the way are the most elegant window treatment option. Motorised roller blinds are ideal if they cover a large surface area to avoid glitches usually faced with manual mechanisms. Natural light can do wonders for your mood and the overall atmosphere of the bedroom but home furnishings can suffer and fade from the harsh lighting. You can also give your bedroom a DIY makeover to upgrade your bedroom looks & use solar shades are ideal. They allow the light in, preserve energy and protect furniture.

EXPERT TIP: Apart from adding privacy and bringing colour and 

patterns into the bedroom, modern window treatments offer sustainable solutions such as energy conservation too. Fumin Coating is a new window treatment from Japan that can be directly sprayed onto the glass for heat insulation and UV protection. Hardier and more efficient than other kinds of film, it reduce the heat levels without affecting brightness in the summer months while retaining the heat indoors and reducing condensation in cold weather.

Layered window treatments for elegant bedroom curtain design

When it comes to window treatments for the modern bedroom, there is no one-size-fits-all solution and rightly so. With the variety of options available these days in terms of technology (motorised blinds with bedside switches and more) and fabric furnishings for curtains and blinds, picking the right window treatment can be a fun game of mix-and-match.

A good window treatment solution must provide varying levels of privacy, natural light, shade, soundproofing and insulation. While sheer and diaphanous materials can help make the most of the natural sunlight through the day, a set of roman blinds behind light and airy fabrics will do the job of keeping the light out 

Layered window treatments with curtains for elegant bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Chastity Cortijo/unsplash

completely for sound sleep. A mix-and-match approach to window treatments can also help introduce colour, pattern and textures into a simple bedroom interior design.

STYLE TIP: Borrow colour inspirations for curtains and blinds from other elements in the room such as the headboard or an area rug (as seen in the blue bedroom here) for a cohesive look but restrict them to just a colour or two to avoid a full-on kitschy affair. If you do opt for more than one set of curtains, stick to shades of the same colour family for each different set of curtains and blinds.

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