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Creative mirrored wardrobe designs for your bedroom

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Wardrobes with mirrors on them are probably the most functional design idea one can go for, especially for small bedrooms. Be it on a selected portion of the wardrobe or complete covering which eliminates the need for a dressing table, while creating the illusion of your bedroom being more spacious than it really is.

Let us take a look at some of the most innovative modern mirrored wardrobe designs;

A twin wardrobe that is essentially a set of two storage spaces as well as mirrors is a great option for couples who enjoy their individual dressing spaces. Going with the traditional sense of design, where all the furniture match each other in style and materials, this bedroom design is a spacious, earthy abode for two.

Wardrobe design for the bedroom with double doors having mirrors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, colorvsbw/ shutterstock.com

Sleek wardrobe design that adds structure to the bedroom interior with monochrome shades - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sleek by Asian Paints

A sleek wardrobe design that not only adds structure to the overall bedroom interior but also reflects the minimal style in monochrome shades. The best part about this wardrobe design is that if you’re more inclined towards a brighter theme, you can go for white and if otherwise, you can select the same in black or grey.

It’s no new news that mirrors make a small room feel more spacious. Put that on a wardrobe and make the most of this blessing. Sliding doors for such wardrobes work best so that the mirror is not touched and stained very often.

Wardrobe design with doors of mirror that look like a wall in your bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dariusz Jarzabek/ shutterstock.com

L-shaped wardrobe design set with big mirror that fits in a corner of the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sleek by Asian Paints

Smart designing is all about making optimal use of space available. And nothing achieves it better in a bedroom, than an L-shaped wardrobe set that fits a corner. While the beige and wood wardrobe adds some brightness in this otherwise earthy bedroom design, the mirror on one end eliminates the need for an additional dressing table. Notice how the back of it is an open shelf which can be used for books, artefacts as well as beauty products.

This bedroom design is proof that fusion of different design themes truly brings out something magical. Rustic headboard, neutral colours and modern bedside lamp, create a kind of melody that keeps you inspired. But the highlight of the space is the Victorian style wardrobe but with a twist - mirrors! A perfect match for this beautiful mismatched bedroom.

Rustic bedroom design with victorian style wardrobe with large mirrors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, bezikus/ shutterstock.com

Customised sleek wardrobe design with matte colour finish that fits to a wall - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sleek by Asian Paints

A customised wardrobe with various sections for different kinds of apparel storage is every organised person’s dream. Fit that on to a wall and achieve the most optimal way of space usage in a small bedroom. While most of the wardrobe is in sleek matte, a small portion of it sports a full length mirror, making the unit a complete package.

A beautiful play of wood and shades of grey give us this minimal and artistic bedroom with a floor to wall wardrobe that reflects it all. While everything in this space is quite modern and minimal, the abstract art pieces add the spark it needed.

Wooden wardrobe design with doors as mirrors in a spacious bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dariusz Jarzabek/ shutterstock.com

Mirrored wardrobe design with sliding door for a small bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, New Africa/ shutterstock.com

While mirrors make a bedroom look more spacious, sliding doors on cupboards add functional value to small spaces. Perfect for people of all ages and things of every size, this kind of a wardrobe is absolutely customisable as per your storage requirements.

Looking to give your bedroom’s wardrobe design a fresh look but not sure where to start? The experts at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints can help you plan and execute all your home design needs while you spend your days safely at home.

Which wardrobe design would you like to see in your bedroom?

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