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Craft the perfect Chennai bedroom with these fabulous interior design ideas

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Open central courtyards with raised verandahs, intricately carved terracotta pillars, colourful Athangudi floor tiles, sloping roofs topped by red clay tiles – traditional homes in Tamil Nadu have such striking and uniquely charming features. The metropolitan capital of Chennai sees a wonderful mix of local and global flavours influence architecture and interior design.

If you are looking for inspiration for interiors in Chennai, we love what Chennai bedroom designers have to offer – contemporary aesthetics beautifully blended with delightful South Indian touches. Great interior designers in Chennai help you create a space that is distinctively yours, calling on a myriad of design influences to craft the perfect bedroom. We’ve put together a variety of bedroom interiors in Chennai to inspire your next makeover. 

Warm and minimal haven by interior designers in Chennai

This beautiful bedroom by The Auburn Studio plays on the love of wood and rattan and uses the two materials to elevate the minimal bedroom décor. The wood grain and knots of the live edge headboard have been accentuated to form a focal feature of the bedroom. The hanging lights flanking the bed make use of a hint of rattan to accentuate the warm tone.

Take a cue from this bedroom designer and keep the base minimal. Bring in warmth with natural elements like wood, rattan, can or bamboo and earthy toned ceramics. A vintage-inspired accent chair or rattan wardrobe shutters would be a great addition to the look.

Simple bedroom with wooden headboard & hanging lights in Chennai - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, The Auburn Studio

Athangudi patterned tiles for this bedroom in Chennai - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Stratosphere Studio

Highlight the tile for interiors in Chennai

Colourful and patterned Athangudi tiles were a staple in the grand homes and palaces of Chettinad. This bedroom interior in Chennai by Stratosphere Studio is inspired by traditional flooring design but uses cement tiles from Bharat floorings to recreate the look. A streamlined bed and modern architectural features create a wonderful contrast to the traditional-style floor.

If you’re choosing vibrant and/or patterned tiles for the flooring, pare back the rest of the bedroom décor – simple lines, neutral walls, a few pockets of colour and an abundance of natural and artificial light.

Turning up the texture for interior design in Chennai

Traditional Tamil interiors layer textures, patterns and materials beautifully. This Chennai bedroom features an understated, subtle version with a light blue textured paint wall and modern wall panels with a subtle geometric design brought together by the vertical wood panels in the corner. Subtle design details can make a bedroom – notice how the geometric pattern of the wall behind the bed continues on the nightstand as well.

Chennai bedroom design with textured wall & geometric accent panels - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, SSB Interiors

Chennai bedroom with wooden ceiling, flooring & furniture by bedroom designer - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Stratosphere Studio

A wood delight for interiors in Chennai

Another beautiful space by the bedroom designer, this setting sees a subtle merging of traditional and modern design elements. Dark wood is a key feature being used on the floor, walls, ceiling and furniture. The grid ceiling rafters pair well with the modern, geometric wall shelves while the Colonial-inspired four posted bed and bench create an engaging visual contrast to the herringbone flooring.

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Going grey for bedroom interiors in Chennai

Modern concrete pendant lights set against a grey, weave-patterned headboard make is minimal Chennai bedroom come alive. The cool-tones have been offset with a hint of warmth from the wood nightstands. The contemporary accent chair with a black metal frame and abstract wall art in shades of blue add just the right amount of colour and detail. This look works well with light, breezy fabrics like linens which are also perfect for Chennai summers.

Grey interiors in Chennai with concrete pendant lights & weave pattern headboard - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, The Auburn Studio

Bedroom with arched alcove on the wall & floral wallpaper in Chennai - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Stratosphere Studio

All about the arch for traditional interiors in Chennai

Arches feature quite prominently in Tamil architecture and you can bring that into your bedroom with subtle details like the back wall in this Chennai bedroom. A deep blue, panelled velvet headboard sits perfectly within the arched alcove. The floral-patterned wallpaper adds a hint of grandeur to the entire look of the bed. You could also consider wood-clad arched doorways, windows or mouldings on your wardrobe shutters to add this detail to your bedrooms.

Colour therapy by the expert bedroom designer

Bedrooms are our sanctuaries and while some might like a neutral-toned space, don’t underestimate the power of colour on your well-being. Vibrant colours in our bedrooms can refresh and energise our minds. Take a cue from this Chennai bedroom and work in colour and patterns into the space. The designer has crafted not one but two visually contrasting focal points. The soothing blue tall headboard with vertical panels running up to the ceiling accentuates the height of the room. The contemporary wall sconces add just a hint of drama. The adjacent wall takes on a floral patterned wallpaper that adds oodles of visual interest. The soft furnishings for the entire room pull their colours from this wallpaper.

Chennai bedroom with blue headboard & floral wallpaper for bedroom decoration - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, SSB Interiors

If you like these ideas and are looking for interior designers in Chennai, book a consult with the design experts from Beautiful Homes Service, who can not only walk you through the process but also come up with designs that get the best out of your space.

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