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Clever space saving sofa bed designs for your house

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Gone are the days when a bedroom was just meant for you to sleep in every night. Given how much time we spend at home now, you must consider looking at multipurpose furniture pieces like sofa beds, which can help you use your bedroom for work as well as leisure.

Sofa bed designs are also a great pick for bedrooms limited by space. Turning it into a sofa during the day will give you added space to catch up with your friends or workout, while at night, you need not adjust in a small clamped up bed.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite sofa bed designs for your house;

Perfect for a neutral and grounded bedroom, this wooden sofa bed not only adds to the charm of this calming space but it’s magazine rack makes it easier to hold things we otherwise would need a center table for. Multipurpose and functional!

Multipurpose wooden sofa bed design with perfect room decor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Amazon

Functional foldable sofa bed design for your bedroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ottimo

While most sofa beds extend or compress, a foldable sofa bed that can be hinged to the wall is a great idea to bring some variety into the bedroom or your home office. The red seat can be shifted to become a sofa once the bed is pinned to the wall, which means you need not have the bed and sofa colour or materials to match with each other.

This one right here is an easy-to-move plush sofa bed. While the sofa bed is in a solid hue, the vibrant surroundings make the space a lot more query without the furniture needing to be. It is so light to carry that you can easily shift it to different spaces as and when needed.

Black plush sofa bed design in the living room that is easy to carry - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Amazon

Three seater sofa bed design for the living room design in a studio apartment - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ottimo

Perfect for a studio apartment, this kind of a sofa bed lets you host gatherings as well as become your crash pad in the night. Notice how the wardrobes add to the earthy design of this studio apartment? You can even pick a sofa bed like this for your living area.

While everything in this space is in shades of white and grey, the brown L-shaped sofa adds some contrast to it. Easily convertible into a bed, this is the ideal sofa bed to go for to accommodate guests in your living room.

Convertible L-shaped sofa bed design in white & grey shades for the living room interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Amazon

Shift your seat to make a multipurpose sofa bed design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Scott-lee/ Shutterstock.com

One of the most minimal sofa bed designs we have ever come across, lets you turn your sofa into a bed by simply shifting the seat around. Perfect for a cozy living room which can easily be turned into a comfortable bed for one.

Thinking of making your home more functional using multipurpose furniture but not sure where to start? Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints can help you dream as well as execute the end to end remodeling of your home. Get in touch and start working towards your dream home!

Which sofa bed would you go for?

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