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Best indoor plants for your bedroom

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However big or small your bedroom is, it is always a great idea to incorporate greenery into your bedroom design. The best plants for bedroom not only add beauty to a space but provide functional benefits.  Many people are under the mistaken impression that growing plants inside the house is difficult and need some kind of special touch. Actually, there are many plants that flourish better indoors, without direct sunlight, than outside. These plants are easy to manage and need very little maintenance.

Depending on the amount of space that you have in your bedroom, you can decide on the best plants to keep in bedroom. You can keep small plants on your shelves and dressers, have creepers trail down from ledges and window sills, have bigger plants to add an accent to corners, and use large plants to adorn your bedroom balcony. Fill up your personal space with bedroom oxygen plants that are beneficial for health.

There are a number of benefits of adding foliage to the spaces that you spend most time in. They include:

1. Indoor air purification
Quite often, the insulation, paint, furniture and carpet backing, contain chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde which release toxins into the indoor air. Keeping air purifying plants for bedroom is helpful in reducing toxin levels in the air. Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the environment during the day and produce oxygen which is released at night. This means that by keeping some of the best plants for bedroom oxygen, like Mother-in-law’s Tongue, the air that you breathe in at night has a higher oxygen content.

2. Lessens stress

Best indoor air purifying plants to design your home - Beautiful Homes

Gardening is a soothing activity. Taking care of your indoor plants is a great way to start your day or to wind down at night. Gardening can bring down stress levels and increase productivity.

3. Considered lucky
Plants are also an important element in Feng Shui. Whether you believe in the principles of Feng Shui or not, it doesn’t hurt to make your space a more ideal environment to live in. 

4. Enhances décor
Adding foliage to a room definitely makes it feel more alive. Whether it is a small plant on a shelf or a dresser or a large plant that fills a corner, plants always make a room look brighter.



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There are certain factors to consider when considering bedroom plant ideas. Make sure that the plants that you're choosing are the best indoor plants for bedroom and need less sunlight. The type of plant you choose will depend on the amount of light your room receives.

Some could be bedroom oxygen plants and others could just be decorative. Let’s take a look at some of the popular indoor plants.

1.    Best plants for bedroom oxygen

Mother-in-law’s Tongue – An ornamental plant with lovely colouring, it can add a dash of beauty to your house. It is one of the best indoor plants for dark rooms as it requires minimal light. It is one of the best plants for bedroom oxygen as it removes toxins and lets out oxygen into the air at night. It flourishes both under bright and low sunlight.

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Boston ferns - One of the oldest species of plants on earth, ferns bear neither flowers nor seeds. They are a very ornamental plant with their lush green canopy of leaves. These bedroom oxygen plants are beneficial to health. They look great hung in balconies and larger ones can be crowded together to make a leafy corner space. They should be kept away from direct breeze, like fans and vents, but they do not need too much light.

Weeping fig for your bedroom indoor plant - Beautiful Homes

Weeping Fig – This is a slightly larger plant and looks good as a stand-alone decorative addition to a corner, or with an ornamental planter, it can be an accent piece for a room. It is one of the best air purifying plants for bedroom. It needs a bit of maintenance as it needs to be pruned regularly. It does well in light and shade.

2.    Small plants for bedroom

Bunny Ear Cactus – These cute, prickly plants are a great way to adorn a shelf or a window sill. They have yellow glochids that can add a touch of colour and make a space more attractive. These are one of the best small plants for bedroom as they practically look after themselves. They do need some light but keeping them near a window should suffice.

Heart leaf philodendron – The dark-green, shiny, heart-shaped leaves of these room decor plants spread out wherever they are placed and look great on table tops and shelves as they spread over the surface and hang over the edge, giving the space a dramatic effect. This is a very difficult plant to kill as it thrives even when neglected. It needs medium light.

3.    Decorative plants for bedroom

Pothos – This lovely plant with variegated leaves spreads out and hangs over shelves and ledges and is a lovely addition to a room. It is one of the best plants for bedroom as it does not need any maintenance and grows well in the shade. It is also easy to propagate. You can grow it near a window and twirl the creeper through the grill for a lovely effect.

Lavender – This lovely smelling plant is used in aromatherapy because the soothing fragrance helps in insomnia and depression. It not only fills a room with the most beautiful smell but the purple leaves are a stunning focal point in any interior. They need a bit of maintenance when grown indoors. Lavender needs light and would grow best near a window.

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4.    Best indoor plants for dark rooms

Best indoor plants for the darkroom - Beautiful Homes

ZZ plant – These cute and whimsical room decor plants grow well in Indian homes. They look great in planters and are an elegant addition to any room. It is one of the best indoor plants for dark rooms as it doesn’t need much light. It can be propagated easily using its root balls or leaf cuttings.

Fiddle leaf fig – This extremely elegant plant has very attractive, dark-green, violin-shaped, glossy leaves that can fill up a large space or can be pruned for smaller spaces. This is one of the classiest indoor plants for bedroom and it can be a stand-alone decorative statement that enhances the look of a room. It requires very little care and needs indirect light.



Money plant - An Indian favourite, most Indian houses have money plants. They are believed to bring prosperity and riches. Money plant in bedroom is easy to grow, looks after itself and can trail along shelves or be twisted through window grills for a lovely effect. It does not need direct light.

Lucky Bamboo – This pretty plant which is a Feng Shui favourite is believed to bring happiness and prosperity to the house and is one of the lucky plants for bedroom. It requires clean water but does not like direct sunlight. Place it away from a window.

Chinese evergreen - Another Feng Shui favourite, this popular Asian plant is very durable and is thought to bring prosperity to the house. They can withstand any amount of neglect and continue to thrive in any condition. These lucky plants for bedroom need low to medium light.

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Peace Lily – As the name suggests it is believed to bring peace and tranquility to a home. The elegant dark-green leaves and fragrant flowers make it one of the best indoor plants for bedroom and the aroma can soothe you on a stressful day. It needs very little sunlight and lives best in shade.

Jade - The Jade plant which is a common plant in Indian gardens is one of the easiest plants to keep in bedroom. It is thought to bring good luck and is known as the friendship tree and money tree. It is an extremely low-maintenance plant that needs medium sunlight.



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