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Bedroom design trends to watch out for in 2022

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With so much of our time spent cooped up inside our homes, creating spaces that help us relax and rejuvenate are important. This rings especially true for bedrooms— our most personal space and a sanctuary.

If you want to change up your bedroom design or décor, look no further. Here is a curated guide to help you bring all your bedroom ideas to fruition and keep things trendy.

1.    Master bedroom trends 2022- Popular design styles

●    Scandinavian minimalism is still a fan favorite bedroom idea due to its focus on maintaining a relaxing and clutter-free space. Its hallmark is the warm neutral hues, clean lines, texture, ample natural light, and the less is more approach. This style is a great choice for anyone looking to downsize and make their bedroom a zen space.

●    Having spent all this time indoors, many now have the urge to deepen their connection with the great outdoors. No wonder then that biophilic design is a rising trend. Biomorphic shapes, natural materials, earth tones and, of course, lots of plants are some ways 

Master bedroom design for 2022 with scandinavian minimalism - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, red

to add a nature-inspired, refreshing spin to your bedroom. Use natural stones, clay items or even crystals for décor. Motifs of mushrooms and other flora and fauna, too, would be common. Incorporate them with botanical or tropical wallpaper design for the bedroom or by introducing some indoor plants to the space.

●    Reusing and refurbishing vintage pieces is on the rise as it is a sustainable choice. Pick a single statement piece for a tinge of vintage look- a
      four-poster bed, a diwan or an almirah. But if you're willing to go all out, you're basically moving towards a vintage eclectic style.

●    Eclectic interior design style will be in vogue. With something as personal as the bedroom, it is natural to want to take your time to finish it.
       And as you build it, chances are you might end up with pieces that are cohesive yet not in the same style. Personal touches with momentos
      enhance this style.

●    With intelligent tech at our fingertips, many contemporary interior design trends have a futuristic tinge. A combination of futurism with
       biophilic style will be sought-after. What you can expect from this amalgamation is juxtaposition- glossy and matte materials, the sleekness
       of rectangular shapes and the softness of curved shapes. It'll use natural materials and botanical elements.

2.    2022 bedroom trends- Colors set to dominate the bedroom interiors


Bedroom design trends for 2022 with neutral colour palette & stylish lighting - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architect

●    Bedroom paint colors 2022- With nature-inspired designs on
       the rise, hues of green will be in demand. Deeper tones such
       as emerald, forest, pine, hunter, pthalo, etc., make for the best
       bedroom colors to amp up the coziness in the room.

●    Neutrals such as taupes, off whites, greys and browns are the
       best bedroom colors for a calming effect. Pair the neutrals
       with softer greens such as jade, mint and moss for a soothing

●    Experimentation with colors is in—showcase your personality and make some bold statements. Hues of blues will lend to a relaxing vibe and
       add some much-needed color to the bedroom.

●    Now that varying shades of pink are available, it too will be a sought after hue. You can find one that best suits your style. Choose earthy
       tones for a Scandinavian design. Fuschia would work well in a boho room as the primary color or for a statement piece in mid-century
       modern design.

●    The Pantone color of the year, Very Peri, too, will be evident in interior design. It is a peppy yet stylish hue. Pantone has curated some color
       palettes that feature Very Peri. The Balancing Act palette is excellent for colorful yet chic bedroom interiors. Wellspring and Amusements
       palettes are on the cheerful end, making them good choices for children's bedrooms. Add some dynamism to a neutral or monochrome
       scheme with Very Peri.

3.    Bedroom furniture trends 2022

●    Bedroom furniture trends 2022 will see ample use of colored furniture. Painting or wallpapering a piece of furniture is an easy way to change
       up the aesthetic in a room. This works incredibly well in children's rooms since their tastes change frequently. It is also an easy way to jazz up
       a neutral or monochromatic room.

●    Bedroom trends 2022- Personalized bedroom cupboard designs are must-haves. Adjustable sections, modular designs, and focused lighting
       are all a part of it. Custom designs for your primary storage shouldn't take a backseat when every inch counts.

●    Multipurpose furniture will be a sought-after 2022 bedroom trend to keep the room clutter-free. Beds, benches, diwans, etc., can all provide
       additional storage options. These are especially great for small bedrooms and children's rooms where an independent storage unit might not
       be enough. Desks that double up as vanity or dresser are another great example.

●    Expression is a large part of interior design trends in 2022- and what better way to make a statement than canopied beds. A curved canopy
       will give a romantic, whimsical vibe. A rack canopy bed frame is more edgy and modern. Opt for metal bed frames and use the bedding to
       create a stark contrast for a contemporary look.

●    The popularity of natural bedroom materials means that wicker and rattan furniture are in vogue. Side tables, chairs, benches and lampshades
       in these materials can easily be incorporated into any design style. Choose modern and clean shapes to avoid a dated look.

4.    2022 Bedroom Trends- Lighting

Lighting in any room can make or break the design. In small bedroom designs, you can use it to your advantage and make the room appear more expansive. In larger bedrooms, warm lighting can make the space feel snug and comfy.

●    Since the color trends lean more towards warm and comfort
       inducing colors, warm and subdued lighting will compliment
       it. Gold and brass-toned fixtures are great options in such

●    Recessed lighting will also be popular. It illuminates the rooms
       well without the fuss of visible fixtures and wirings.

●    Biophilic designs will maximize the use of natural light. Light
       drapes or curtains will not obstruct light. Use mirrors to reflect
       the natural light you receive.

Bedroom lighting for 2022 with designer wall lights & minimal ceiling light - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architect

●    Choose fixtures with simple shapes and clean lines to keep the space clutter-free.

●    To maintain the comfy look in the bedroom, lampshades made of natural material are great options.

5.    Bedroom Trends 2022 for fun bedroom décor

●    Texture is another way to add intrigue to your bedroom design. It stimulates our sense of sight and touch, making the experience richer.
       Layering bedding and pillows are an easy way to incorporate them into your décor. Using various materials in your design is another—a metal
       bauble here, a clay memento there. Paneled wall- shiplap, wainscoting, etc. is another way to add tactile elements.

●    Art has been something that's kept people going through tough times- a respite from all the heavy stuff. Celebrate it and put it front and
       center with a curated and intentional aesthetic. Let the artwork, be it a painting, a mural or a sculpture, the focus of the room. Build the rest of
       the room around it. Another option is a gallery wall displaying your collection of paintings, posters, or even record disks. A look like this can
       work wonderfully for guest bedroom interior design.

●    Use of natural fabrics is a sustainable and fashionable choice. With a wide selection of color and patterns, you can easily transform the room's
       aesthetic with bedding and other uses of textiles.

●    Foliage will continue to be popular. A few large plants can complement the design and add liveliness to the décor. If you're a plant lover,
       embrace the maximalist approach and fill your room with foliage.

●    Use of patterns will feature in 2022 bedroom trends as well. One way to do it is using wallpaper design for the bedroom. Patterned rugs and
       bedding can just as easily make a bold statement. Pillows and lighting fixtures are subtle ways to introduce patterns.

●    This year, headboards designs are set to make a comeback. This is another excellent way to add some character to the room. It can be used as
       a focal point to ground the rest of the elements. An upholstered headboard is sure to stand out as much as an art piece. A paneled one will
       keep things simple yet interesting.

6. DIY Bedroom trends 2022

You do not need to make drastic changes in your bedroom to keep the design trendy. Use these budget-friendly DIY hacks to give your bedroom a makeover.

DIY bedroom design for 2022 with wooden interiors & cane décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

●    Add some metal to your décor. Change out the planters,
       handles and knobs. Or spray paint them for the desired effect.

●    Use stencils, wallpaper or decals to give your furniture a
       much-needed facelift.

●    Use your bedding as a canvas and introduce the trending
       colors to your bedroom design.

●    Paint a mural to change up the aesthetic of the room. Or
      change up the art in the room to something more


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Image courtesy, ADND

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