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Bedroom side table designs for every style

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A bedroom side table is a very practical kind of luxury we quite often forget about. A bedside table not only keeps things within your reach for ease but also keeps you from cluttering the peaceful space of your bed.  Be it your favourite book, your reading glasses, a glass of water or your phone – a bedroom side table is a perfect place to rest your things. While a bedroom side table makes bedtime more convenient for us, picking one that perfectly complements your bedroom décor can be tricky. You need a bedroom side table that is the right size and shape for use, but which also matches the vibe of your bedroom style. Let us take you through some of our favourite bedroom side tables picks to help you hunt down just the one for you!



While some people like a bedroom side table that makes a statement, others prefer something a little more subtle. If you want the practicality of a bedside table, but without distracting from the rest of your bedroom’s décor, there are plenty of options that seamlessly blend with the rest of the room. 

Yes, the bedside table in this image is not exactly invisible – but the other elements in the room are so striking that we almost don’t see it until we do. That’s a great way to keep it subtle.

Wooden Bedside Table Design Ideas For Bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle, Designed by Jigar Parikh & Haresh Vishwakarma

Bedroom Side Table Design For Vintage Style Room Décor In White and Red Shades - Beautiful Homes

Image Courtesy, Beyond Designs


For a room with minimal colours and a vintage look, you need a bedroom side table that not only matches the décor but also adds a pop of colour. Notice how the red in the bedside table’s floral pattern matches the red and blue cabinet in the room? 

Pro tip: choose a bedside table with a print in a single bright, bold colour, while the entire bedroom design plays with shades of similar colours.


While the practical purpose of a bedside table is to keep things next to your bed, it can also work as a statement piece for your chosen bedroom design. Sleek and modern, the bedroom side table matches the mat and the bed, and yet its abstract design still makes it eye-catching. A piece so stunning, you’ll love to wake up and look at it! 

Modern Bedroom Side Table Decor Ideas & Designs - Beautiful Homes

Image Courtesy, Trussardi Casa

Bedroom Side Table Design For Vintage Style Room Décor In Dark Brown Colour  - Beautiful Homes

Image Courtesy, Beyond Designs


A bedroom side table so beautiful and luxurious, it’s amazing how practical it is! If a decluttered room is your priority, buying a bedroom side table with drawers is a particularly elegant storage solution. 

This bedroom décor blends vintage and modern styles, with the classy chandelier lamp drawing attention to the sleek bedside table. You can see yourself sitting back, reaching for your book, and feeling like a queen!


A bedroom side table with a drawer, with extra room beneath it, is the best of both worlds! Whether it is to keep some cushions, a basket, or your slippers, a little extra space beneath your bedside table lets you take organising to a whole new level.

Pro tip:  Here’s a handy cheat code for your bedroom design: have your bed and your bedside table made from the same material. It’s an easy way to play with styles while having the two complement each other!

Wooden Bedside Table With Drawer Next To Bed - Beautiful Homes

Image Courtesy, PTA Designs

Sturdy Bedroom Side With Velvet Bed Headboard Design - Beautiful Homes

Image Courtesy, Beyond Designs


You might try keeping the colours in the bed and side table the same while mixing up the textures. The plush velvet bed headboard adds to the comfort in this bedroom, while the sturdy bedside table adds a touch of power and craft.

Pro tip: The wall’s colour and material behind the bed and bedside table play a very important role in helping them stand out or blend in.


Most people think that if you have two bedroom side tables, they need to both have the same design.  Well here’s the thing: symmetry isn’t everything! You are free to mix it up a bit when it comes to your bedroom side tables. Plus, letting yourself have different designs means you can choose the bedroom side table for its purpose. While on the right, the bedroom side table blends in with the walls, on the left, side tables at different levels are perfect for books, newspapers, and a breakfast tray.

Round and White Bedroom Bedside Table Design With Green Velvet Headboard and Dark Coloured Bed - Beautiful Homes

Image Courtesy, Nitin Kohli Home

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