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8 essentials for a small bedroom

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Keep these essentials in mind when decorating a small bedroom that’s big on comfort

A small bedroom can be a challenge to decorate. The key is to strip it down to only the essentials so that the bedroom design looks spacious while still being comfortable.

1.    Bed
A queen-sized bed can easily fit two people, however make sure you double check measurements before a final purchase. Pay attention to your mattress, a good quality, comfortable one will be expensive, but worth it (see tips on selecting a mattress here). Remember to keep enough space around the bed for easy movement.

2.    Bedside table
Choose anything from stacked floating shelves and wooden crates to a narrow bench. The key is to opt for pieces that double as storage (more bedside table ideas here).

3.    Wardrobe
A modular wardrobe with storage right up to the ceiling is your best bet (more ideas on planning your wardrobe here). Try keeping it narrow and limited to one wall. Alternately, consider a simple armoire or high chest of drawers as well.

4.    Dresser
A slim dresser gives you an extra surface to place things plus more storage. A simple, large mirror can reflect light and open up the room.

5.    Storage
When choosing a headboard, look for options with open shelves. A wide variety of beds with in-built storage are available as well. Sleek floating shelves, wall hooks behind the door and slim door racks on the inside of the wardrobe are all feasible options.

6.    Lighting
Work with soft lighting in your space. Meshed wall sconces or recessed ceiling lights for ambient lighting; table lamp on your bedside table and picture light above your mirror. 

7.    Texture and colour
Work with lighter colours to open-up a space, especially monotones. Bring in a play of materials and textures with knotted wood finishes, gold, rose gold or brass accents or a chunky bed throw in a contrasting colour.

8.    Window dressings
Place the curtain rod closer to the ceiling and use floor length drapes to give the impression of height. Window blinds can be customised with a multitude of materials, textures and colours.

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