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3 simple steps to create a dreamy small bedroom

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There is something around small bedroom ideas that manages to send anyone into a panic mode. Given, a small bedroom does demand more thought in the decoration than larger rooms tend to and discovering the correct solution for the space can take a little know-how and plenty of research to discover that you may not have thought about before.

 Yet, sometimes it becomes challenging for us to have a say in the size of your bedroom due to little available space. Designing and styling a small bedroom can certainly be exceptionally difficult, but it is not unattainable. Beginning from the additional storage space to the colour of the walls themselves, everything can contribute to the aesthetic of your small bedroom. Here we have created a list of some of the intelligent recommendations, which can help you in designing your dreamy small bedroom.

Simple Steps to designing your small bedroom

So you have a small bedroom, how can you make the most of the space you have? By intelligent space-saving, small room interior design solutions. If you don’t have much space, you have to get creative.

●    The perfect small bedroom lighting ideas

Lighting your bedroom properly can make it appear and feel more spacious. While darker colours can feel cosy, they also absorb light. When selecting your paint colour, sticking with lighter colours can help design a more spacious, airy feeling. You may also take benefit of the light you have by setting up your small bedroom interior design so that natural light has a clear course through the window. In spots where natural light doesn't radiate well, you can use mirrors to reflect the available light and make the room look more spacious.

●    Use your walls as storage space for your small bedroom

Lights to brighten up your small bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

When you have confined space in your small bedroom, it’s significant to keep floors as clean and clear as possible to make the room seem spacious and less disorganised. Rather than adding more small bedroom furniture around the room for additional bedroom storage, take benefit of your open wall space. You can create cabinets and dressers next to and over your bed to function as shelves and dressers, adding both style, functionality and purpose!

Experiment with your bedroom wallpaper:

One of the most practical and underestimated small bedroom ideas is to experiment with your bedroom wallpaper. Picking a design with a fine, modest, receding pattern that will create dimension and texture is a more nuanced approach than selecting a wallpaper with a bold pattern or a massive repeat that visually advances – hence making the room feel smaller and cramped.

●    Right wardrobes to your rescue

What works excellently as a small bedroom design idea – an open storage unit with a clothes rail, or a standard wardrobe, albeit a small one? Perhaps, that depends greatly on what kind of an aesthetic you want to assemble in your bedroom.

If you desire a relaxed feel in your small bedroom design, opt for an open storage system, which comes in several sizes and designs and is customizable to the dimensions of your room. An exposed clothing rail does not have to mean that your bedroom will be disorganised – mix it up with nice jewellery and caps, and you’ve got your small room design a boudoir!

Though, if having your clothes on the show just isn’t your thing, save space by selecting wardrobes with sliding doors (that don't have to be flared outwards), and go for a white or reflected finish to make your space feel still bigger. There are a surplus of slimline wardrobes out there, too, and if you can find one that has the complementary advantage of a full-length mirror, you're in sheer luck.

Designing do’s and don’ts of modern small bedroom ideas

Designing a small bedroom to become comfortable is tricky and many can go wrong if you don’t think it through. Here are a few tips on dos and don’ts of designing a small bedroom:


1.    Make use of multipurpose furniture
You might want to consider reducing the amount of bedroom decorating furniture you have, but if you can employ a piece of furniture for numerous objectives, it can be an excellent idea! For instance, if you like a desk and a vanity in your small master bedroom, find a table or desk that can be utilised as both and has a multi-purpose functionality.

Curtains for your all white small bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

2.    Let your bed do the hard work
As the case is with any limited space, the furniture you choose requires you to work hard and if you can choose something that's going to double up as storage too then certainly do so. Possibly the most efficacious solution to decluttering a small bedroom is to pick a bed with storage. After all, the space under the bed is not serving any purpose, so why not put it to work?

3.    Position your rug carefully in your small bedroom
In your small bedroom interior design, is your rug an afterthought? Well, it shouldn’t be. It can help make a small room look more prominent, spacious, add softness, and present colours or patterns that tie your small room design together.  Follow your bed’s lead to comprehend what size rug you require. If the bed is centred, plunge the rug about 2/3 of the way under. If it’s in a corner, place the rug next to it or underneath another piece of small bedroom furniture.


1.    Use too many patterns
Don’t use too many patterns as it can make your small bedroom feel cramped. If you want to have a particular theme, set one spot as the focal point and one area as a spot to display the patterns, maybe on one wall, pillowcase or curtain. As for the rest of the room, apply a plain, quieter and more tranquil shade.

2.    Use non-functional furniture for small room interior design
The ‘less is more’ approach is suited for modern small bedroom ideas because reducing non-functional components and leaving only the necessary can save so much space. Declutter your bedroom and clear unnecessary furniture and decorative pieces.

3.    Opt for loud colours
One rule of thumb that you should recall is to abstain from using loud colours in your bedroom. Do not mistake loud colours for dark colours though. Few rich, dark colours can highlight the look of your small bedroom. While you can choose smart colours like denim blue or even dark grey for your small bedroom walls, it is most pleasing to balance it out with light-coloured furniture pieces.

Mirrors & ceiling lights to enhance your small bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Furniture pieces & colour shades for your small bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Remember, small space, huge opportunities

Larger pieces of furniture, art, storage spaces and the little knick-knacks and decorations that you collect, all add to your bedroom. With a little imagination — or the helping hand of Beautiful Homes — your room will feel more like a boutique hotel room than a shoebox. And every fair inch will be infused with taste and personality. Yours.

The room decor can be an easy yet all-consuming job, meaning you probably won’t have time to plan a complicated move.

Asian Paints Beautiful Homes's extensive team of reliable professionals make it easy.  We present an array of room decor and design options and costs to choose from. With a team of experienced designers and professionals, we understand what you want and re-model/design your small bedroom making them practical and ultra-luxe, as per your budget.

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