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18 paint colour ideas for a luxurious bedroom

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Luxurious Bedroom Wall Paint Colours

The bedroom is a personal and private space where you can relax and rejuvenate. A master bedroom should be designed to give you the serenity and calm that you need at the end of a long day but should also be luxurious and aesthetically appealing.

An often overlooked but the simplest way to create a peaceful and calm bedroom design is with an efficient use of luxury bedroom paint colors. A neutral palette may seem like the safest choice but one shouldn’t be afraid to play around with richer and more vibrant luxury room colors that can make an ordinary master bedroom look ultra-luxurious.

Luxury Bedroom Wall Paint Colours Ideas

Using the right luxury paint colors for your master bedroom walls can make the space a glorious room to wake up in the morning and a sanctuary at night. The master bedroom should be a space that you love being in and which feels right for your personal style.

Whether you enjoy peaceful, calm spaces or love vivid, vibrant ones, there are myriad choices of luxury bedroom paint colors to choose from. Here, we take a look at gorgeous wall paint for luxury bedroom ideas to inspire your spaces.

1.    A sublime white luxury bedroom

A completely white luxury bedroom is a peaceful and restful retreat that can fit any style and aesthetic. White luxury wall paint is also the best backdrop to add vibrant colours, be it linen, wall décor or carpets, as it makes everything look good. Plus, painting your bedroom walls white is the easiest trick to make a small bedroom feel more spacious.

2.    Neutral palette for a small luxury bedroom design

Like white, a neutral palette can help make a small bedroom feel like a big, luxury bedroom. There are many subtle but gorgeous colours on a neutral palette, from cool greys to warm beiges. 

White luxury bedroom with twin lamps - Beautiful Homes

Create a calm, soft, luxurious space by continuing with the neutral palette using pale wood furniture, pastel coloured linen and carpets.

3.    Vivid and vibrant luxury red bedroom

Red is a passionate colour and can turn up the heat in a bedroom. Teamed with white, a luxury red bedroom can look crisp and sharp, whilst black and gold can add drama to the space. The one thing that red isn’t, is timid. If you are looking for a bold boudoir, red is the way to go. A red master bedroom needs no further embellishment, the colour is a statement by itself.

4.    Bring the outside in with green luxury bedroom ideas

Green is the colour of life and can have a revitalising and energising effect on our body and soul. When bedroom walls are painted green it feels like we are surrounded by a living wall. A combination of green luxury wall paint with wooden flooring, dark wood furniture and gold accents can look luxuriously sophisticated.

5.    An austere and masculine luxury black bedroom

Black as a wall colour is gaining popularity because simply put, it looks fabulous. A luxury black bedroom can be softened with greys or whites, or enriched with reds and gold. Black walls can be a dramatic backdrop for colourful artwork, or a stunning way to showcase vibrant floor-to-ceiling statement drapes.

Luxury bedroom ideas with multi-colored cushion décor - Beautiful Homes

6.    Luxury room colors for a vintage bedroom

An ivory or eggshell cream luxury wall paint will give your master bedroom an air of elegance that is unparalleled. The satiny finish will be a beautiful backdrop for a traditional antique bedstead, large dressers and plush seating arrangements. Add thick white pile carpeting that your feet sink into, vintage light fixtures, and heavy window treatments for a luxurious Victorian master bedroom.

7.    Kitschy and cute luxury pink bedroom

Pink may feel like very girlish luxury paint colors for a master bedroom, but when used effectively, a luxury pink bedroom can transform a space into a soft and romantic area that exudes warmth and character.  Pink goes well with pastel blues and greens and can also be combined with dull reds and yellows for a pleasing effect.

8.    Statement wall luxury bedroom ideas

Creating a beautiful mural wall can add a sense of drama and style to a master bedroom. A simple bedstead, furniture with clean lines and fabrics in soft shades will help complement and accent the mural and not distract from it.

9.    An ultra-sophisticated luxury gold bedroom

Gold may seem a bit ostentatious for a bedroom wall but dull gold with marble flooring, antique furniture and a crystal chandelier can make for a beautiful and opulent luxury gold bedroom. If a fully gold bedroom is a bit too much for your taste, use a matte gold finish on one wall and temper it down with a soft green on the other walls for a stunning look.

10.    Textured luxury bedroom paint colors

Add another dimension to your master bedroom walls by using textured wall paint. They come in beautiful colours and lovely patterns. They can be used as statement walls that needs no further adornment or a more subtle pattern can be used for all the walls and will be a lovely backdrop for ornate wall décor.

11.    An elegant luxury royal blue bedroom

If you think that blue is a washed out and boring colour, royal blue will make you think again. With this beautiful deep hue, you get the serenity of blue but with a lot more drama. Add a mirrored dresser and beautiful light fixtures to make your luxury royal blue 

Textured luxury bedroom paint colors - Beautiful Homes

bedroom a space that is dreamy even while you are awake.

12.    A contemporary luxury purple bedroom

When used effectively, purple can be a powerful and regal colour in a master bedroom and can reek of luxury. Whether you’re going for the pop of a royal purple statement wall or looking for softer mauves and lavenders, the colour can bring a unique personality to any space. Add to the opulence of your luxury purple bedroom with a brass bedstead and gold accents.

13.    Get funky with luxury bedroom colours

Sometimes a completely funky colour can give your master bedroom the different look that you want. Go for refreshing luxury bedroom colours, like deep coral or peach. Add bedding and accents in cooler neutrals for a soothing atmosphere, or use blacks and teals for more drama.

Bedroom interior design with wall lamps - Beautiful Homes

14.    Sophisticated luxury paint colors for a small master bedroom

If you have a smallish master bedroom, it does not mean that it has to be any less luxurious. You can go for a neutral palette to make it look more spacious and pair it with bright coloured, bedding, furniture and linen to brighten it up.

15.    Indian luxury paint colors for a traditional master bedroom

If you want an Indian themed bedroom, use luxury bedroom colours like terracotta or marigold yellow for the walls. These colours exude warmth and can look very stylish. Pair them with ikat or paisley, printed linen, a vibrant wall hanging and dhurries to complete the feel of a luxurious Indian master bedroom.

16.    Minimalist luxury dark blue bedroom

A minimalist luxury dark blue bedroom can be defined by clean lines and a stripped-down simplicity. It is usually uncluttered and has minimal furniture.  Dark blue wall colour, light wood furniture, white pile carpeting and stark white bedding will make this stylish room stand out with its simplistic elegance.

17.    Classic black and white luxury bedroom colours

A monochrome bedroom of black and white walls is stark and simple but can be made stunning with the right accessories. A couple of accents here and there, for instance, gold fittings or artwork in ornate frames or a single beautiful antique chair will make the space stand out.

18.    The ultimate in luxury master bedroom

If you want to go all the way and create an opulent and extravagant bedroom, pull out all the stops. Design a master bedroom with textured, gold flecked walls, floor to ceiling velvet drapes, and luxurious silk linen. Add antiques tables and dressers filled with beautiful flowers in porcelain vases. Soft lighting from brass carriage lights will give this ultimate luxury bedroom a sultry and sensual look.

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Luxury bedroom design with a chandelier - Beautiful Homes

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