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10 wardrobe designs for compact rooms

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The most important part is the wardrobe’s compatibility with the rest of the room. Even the most costly and intricately built wardrobe can look entirely out of place if it doesn't fit into the right room. Wardrobe design for compact rooms is an art that is a lot about creating illusory spaces and being crafty. We understand that this may be a daunting process, and it may well be an interesting one. We came up with this guide that will help you design the wardrobe of your dreams in 10 simple and effective ways.

1.    Seamless Wardrobe

A clean compact room requires a clean, cozy almirah or wardrobe. Designing a wardrobe for compact spaces usually leads to a dilemma of having to pick between inadequate storage space or large units. If you have a small room, wardrobe ideas for small bedrooms would prescribe a wardrobe with hinged doors will add to the hit on space by using more of it from the room. An impressive way to tackle this situation is to install a wardrobe with sliding doors. An additional idea would be to make it seamless and span the whole room on one side. Sliding wardrobe designs for a small bedroom would result in the space being saved for probably even more furniture to be added. This would also lead to an overall finish that is elegant and sleek owing to the great bedroom interior design.

2.    Mirrored Wardrobe

These kinds of mirrored wardrobes are also known as shutters. Since this wardrobe design for small rooms is mirrored, we can call it mirrored shutters. These types of wardrobes for small bedrooms virtually make the room feel less bulky. They also double up as a mirror (full length you are feeling adventurous) and hence reduce the need for extra furniture such as a vanity table or a dressing unit. This sliding wardrobe designs for small bedroom will also result in making your room look spacious and larger - as the sliding mirrors reflect light and make a space look larger than it is.

Sliding wardrobe designs for small bedroom - Beautiful Homes

3.    Wall-to-ceiling Wardrobes

In a small or a compact room, as you can already guess, when it comes to wardrobe ideas for small bedrooms, every centimeter of space counts. Extending a compact wardrobe from the floor to the ceiling would make use of the ceiling height and add an extra level of storage, thereby eliminating the need for more storage issues or a bulky wardrobe You could also use sliding wardrobe designs for small bedroom. Just like the mirrored ones, this sliding wardrobe design for a small bedroom will also make your room look much bigger than it is, so this is a good win-win when it comes to a wardrobe for small bedrooms.

4.    Optimized Angles Wardrobe

When you have a compact room, every inch counts. In which case, making maximum use of your existing space is a great idea. In order to achieve this, you can exploit the wall corners and niches to provide maximum storage space. A good idea for a corner is an L-shaped compact wardrobe, as these readily fit into right angles. You can always make this wardrobe for small rooms modular, and throw in some additional storage units in the nooks and corners of the room. By doing this you might save space for additional furniture. Another win-win.

5.    Cut down on drawers

Unplanned drawers can lead to wastage of space instead of the utilization of space so use drawers only where necessary. Drawers naturally take up more space due to their pull-out design. For a good alternative think of a hanging rod and shelves in the wardrobe. This will reduce clutter and also make your wardrobe for small bedrooms space utilization reach its ergonomic peaks.

6.    Color-matched Wardrobe

Wardrobe design for a small bedroom, as mentioned above, is a lot about creating illusions. To make a room seem bigger, and draw eyes in directions that you want to, a good idea is to make the wardrobe blend with the paint color in your room. Most likely choices for matching colors when it comes to wardrobes for small bedrooms are matching with the color of the ceiling or the floor. You can also opt for a color that is similar to adjacent surroundings. The fact that there would be no clear demarcation between the small bedroom wardrobe and the surface that you are mimicking in the color palette would give the room an entirely cohesive feel.

Wardrobe designs for small bedroom with transparent glass - Beautiful Homes

7.    Multiple Divisions Wardrobe

If you are looking for a wardrobe for a small compact room, you can always opt for customizing one with the slots and compartments and drawers you’d like. This will help you in finding your things easily as the small bedroom wardrobe would be customized and organized according to your taste. These can include lofts, drawers, clothesline rod, dressing mirrors, compartments, and more.

8.    Recessed Wardrobe

While designing a wardrobe for small bedrooms, for a traditional look, you can create a recess in your wall niche and install a wardrobe there. This wardrobe could encompass all features from an angled cupboard and can have the sizes and shapes of compartments as per your taste. A wooden finish small bedroom wardrobe would greatly accentuate the space if you have a pastel or neutral background tone. 

9.    Wall Unit Wardrobe

This style spans the entire wall, but instead of being compartmentalized on just the inside, it is compartmentalized outside as well. This means that you will have lofts, mirrors, cabinet doors, and probably a pooja room or study built into the whole unit. Hence the name, as this design would occupy an entire wall of your room. In the list of modern wardrobe designs for small bedroom, this option works really well.

10.    Bedside Wardrobe

If you are a couple living in a compact room, if you have wardrobes flanking the sides of the bed and recessed into the back wall, 

Wardrobes for bedroom design with long curtains - Beautiful Homes

that’d greatly save space according to modern wardrobe designs for small bedroom. Movement in and around would not be an issue as well because these could be sliding wardrobes instead of hinged doors, so not much space in the room is eaten into. 

Open wardrobe designs with hanging lights - Beautiful Homes

At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we understand how significant it is to build each corner of your home. You simply need to let us know about the sort of interior design you are looking for, and we will assist you in transforming your vision into reality by fine-tuning your ideas. Whether you want to create more aesthetic appeal or align the vibe of your space with existing structures or play with color combinations - we will be able to meet your needs well. We also help with specific furnishings such as wardrobe ideas and can guide you through the whole process of selecting or renewing one. 

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