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Tips for a minimal bathroom

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Adopt a clean, straight-lined approach for a clutter free bathroom with our handy guide on creating a minimal bathroom

Minimalism isn’t just a style, it’s a way of living. It’s literally cutting the bulk out of your life – not just about sleek and simple furniture, but also adopting a “declutter” approach. And if there’s one place where it tends to pile up, it’s the bathroom. Bottles, towels, laundry seem to magically pile up in corners and over shelves. There’s hope yet – you can convert it into a spa by just following our simple tips.

1.    Less is more
The bathroom is easily one of the smallest spaces in the house. So, skip the extra decorations that make it seem cluttered and disorganised. Just pick one or two décor pieces that won’t crowd surfaces for a clean, neat look.

2.    Let go of furniture
While we are used to cabinets and cupboards, minimal bathrooms call for a bulk-free approach. This is where floating shelves come in handy. Our vote goes to marble/ granite shelves for storing toiletries and towels. Since this will also be in plain view of everyone, it will encourage you to cut down on the number of things you store.

3.    Make use of the walls
Free up space for foot traffic by wall mounting your washbasins / counter-storage and laundry bin. You can hide these behind a thin cabinet.

4.    Try all white
When it comes to minimal, white is the way to go. To make the space pop, you can play with colourful towels and accessories and even fresh potted plants (what better than aloe vera?). White will also never go out of style, so you are guaranteed a trendy bathroom.

5.    Create illusions
Minimal bathrooms aren’t complete without mirrors. Use a large one in the bathroom to also create the illusion of a larger space.

6.    Choice of tiles
You can choose matte or glossy tiles – but remember to follow the monotone scheme. Don’t mix too many styles either, simple and sweet is the way to go. While matte brings about a quiet sophistication, glossy tiles help reflect light, opening up the space.

7.    Focus on fixtures
Be careful when picking basins, mixers, showers, etc. Don’t make a beeline for elaborate, showy fixtures but pick out sleek ones – whether they have a circular or a more rectangular form. Avoid freestanding bathroom ware as well.

8.    Use glass accessories for storage
Transparent glass jars / mason jars can hold sundry items while cutting the bulk of opaque pieces.

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