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Make your black tile bathroom a timeless statement

By Ela Das

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When planning for a bathroom, we usually think of (and want) a bright, airy, well-lit and ventilated space. With large bathrooms being a luxury very few can afford, and most of us having to make do with a very small space, it’s usually a no brainer to think of stark white powder rooms with white marble countertops to create the illusion of openness.

However, when planned right, a darker, modern black bathroom can turn out to be just as visually appealing and spacious, creating the perfect slate for a maximalist’s style. So, if you usually tilt towards darker shades in your personal style, maybe it’s time to start thinking of incorporating these shades in your living spaces, as well.

We’ve rounded up ten black bathroom designs to give you visual inspiration for your next bathroom upgrade or makeover.


1.    Black tile bathroom for a range of dark tones and textures

To break the monotony, instead of having a singular black tile in your bathroom, mix the shapes and designs of the tiles on your floors and walls, and pair them with a solid dark coloured wall. This mix and match will add a gradient of textures and tones to create visual appeal in a single colour.

Image courtesy, IKEA

Photography by Darren Chung for Zetter Townhouse

2.    Colour block your black tile bathroom with a hue of dark colours

A modern black bathroom can incorporate one of the trends of the year—colour blocking—while still sticking to darker tones. While the floor has simple square matte black tiles, the walls are in a darker shade of bottle green paired with a lighter hue in the same colour family. This subtle colour blocking adds an element of unique detailing in an otherwise ordinary black bathroom design.

3.    Metallic accents to add that glam factor to your black tile bathroom

While this modern black bathroom has a mix of interesting elements such as intricate black tiles paired with a black granite countertop, the metallic gold light fixture on the wall adds a dose of maximalism and drama to the space.

EASY HACK: If you’re unsure about committing to new fixtures, incorporate a brass candle stand or gold tray on the countertop for the quickest way to add hints of metallics to a black tile bathroom.

Image courtesy, DelightFULL

4.    Black tile bathroom as a clean canvas for colourful art

If you have a piece of art you’d like to display in your black tile bathroom, don’t take the attention away from it and use a black basin or black marble bathroom solutions to highlight it. The skilful use of dark tiles will create a clean slate to showcase your collection of art.

PRO TIP: This modern black bathroom mixes art with an opulent chandelier and fixtures to create an avant-garde space.

5.    Intriguing black tile bathroom ideas with geometric designs

While the backsplash in this black tile bathroom ensures a modern glossy aesthetic, the intricate black and white tiled flooring adds heritage appeal. Both these geometric styles have been mixed subtly and tastefully to create a unique powder room.

Image courtesy, Covet House

Image courtesy, IKEA

6.    Break the monotony of a plain black tile bathroom with grouting

Sometimes, the idea of a stark black tile bathroom may seem overwhelming and too dark. However, you can experiment with this look by breaking the monotony of a single coloured tile with a contrasting coloured grouting. While any colour can complement and work well with black, we love these stark white lines running between the plain matte black tiles.

PRO TIP: Add a hint of drama with gold or metallic grouting if you’re looking to create a more glamorous space.

7.    Black tile bathroom for a timeless monochrome look

If you’re apprehensive about committing to any black bathroom designs, wondering if you’ll be stuck with a trend or phase way beyond its time, consider a simple monochrome bathroom with white tiles and black cabinetry. While this palette will always stay relevant and chic through the ages, if you ever feel like giving your powder room a makeover, you can swap out the exteriors of your cabinetry with a different colour or finish.

Image courtesy, Marko Poplasen/ shutterstock.com

Image courtesy, Photographee.eu/ shutterstock.com

8.    Black bathroom designs with tiles and patterned wallpaper mix

When thinking of a monochrome palette, don’t restrict yourself only to tiles. You could even pair your black tiles with an intricately patterned wallpaper in the same tone. This modern black bathroom has a baroque pattern on its walls in a blend of black and dark grey, leaving the space with a vintage aesthetic.

PRO TIP: When adding wallpaper in your bathroom, make sure it’s on the walls that isn’t prone to leakages or water hitting it.

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9.    Pair your black bathroom design with light wood

If you’d like a dark, moody colour palette but also wish for your black tile bathroom to remain well-lit and airy, incorporate furniture in light or distressed wood for a Zen aesthetic. Your fixtures, fittings and bath linens can also be in a brighter white or creamy shade.

INSIDER’S EYE: Go a step further and add a potted plant to your black bathroom designs to bring in an earthy element.

Image courtesy, Photographee.eu/ shutterstock.com

Image courtesy, Dariusz Jarzabek/ shutterstock.com

10.    Let there be light in your black tile bathroom

If you’re designing a neat modern black bathroom, the first step is to make sure the space receives ample light, even if artificial. If, however, this is not the case, make room for ample light fixtures in your black bathroom designs. Since darker colours can leave a space looking less open, inadequate lighting in this room will leave it looking dingy and cramped.

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