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How to keep your bathroom tiles clean and dirt free

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Keep your bathroom tiles dirt free and looking good as new with these handy tips

Not only is the bathroom the most important room to keep clean, but also the most difficult. Here’s how you can keep it squeaky clean and help this high-traffic room stay fresher for longer:

·    Grout is the first thing to look dirty as the soapy residue accumulates there, which causes it to change colour. Use a toothbrush and
     an effective cleaner to clean the grout. Make sure you don’t use a strong one as it can cause erosion

·    Once the grout erodes, it can lead to water seepage in the ceiling of the house below yours

·    Mixing baking soda with vinegar forms a paste which can effectively cut through the dirt on the grout without causing damage. If you
     have a marble bathroom, do not use vinegar

·    Cleaning tiles with a soft sponge or microfibre cloth soaked in warm, soapy solution is a safe way to go. Avoid using rough cloth or
     scrub pads for cleaning

·    Wipe down the tub, walls and floor after a shower to minimise moisture in the bathroom. You can also leave the doors open and put
     on the exhaust fan too. Keep the shower curtain drawn out to dry it faster

·    A clutter-free counter instantly makes the bathroom look cleaner. Design a functional vanity unit so you can stash away things in a
     way that they remain within reach

·    Wash your shower curtains periodically to avoid mold setting into them.  A mildew buildup in the curtains can also lead to a build up in
      the tiles and grout

When you are done, spray your favourite room freshener and introduce some plants or succulents to spruce up the space.

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