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Dirty secrets: Bathroom

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Always wondered how to organise your bathroom better? We tell you how

Most urban homes in India are fitted with compact and functional bathroom​s to hold everything from the sink and WC to the shower area. The rigmarole of stuffing so many things in one space often gets the better of us. So here are some innovative hacks, tips and tricks to help you build a organized, tidy and stunning bath.

Divide & Conquer
It all boils down to the plan. Most “ugly” problems will sort themselves with a smartly planned bathroom. An ideal bathroom has two areas – a wet area and a dry area – that are divided with a partition. If you have a bigger budget, install a shower cubicle. An affordable solution would be a colourful shower curtain. Plus, bye bye forever wet bathrooms. Pop an absorbent mat right outside the wet area to keep the rest of the space damp-free. This in turn means no need of an ugly bath mat outside the bathroom door.

Over and Above
Do not neglect the prime space above the WC. This dead space is great for a closed cabinet that can store away scrubs, rags and other supplies. While you are at it, look above the bathroom door to install a normal shelf that can hold extra toilet papers and other hampers.

Tall Order
You’ll be surprised with how much you can store in a seemingly narrow area. Use the small space next to the WC or in any other area in the bath to create a narrow floor-to-ceiling closed tower cabinet. It’s perfect to store mops and other ugly items.

Sinking Feeling
Install a corner sink with ample storage beneath it to stash away those cleaning solutions. If you already have a pedestal sink and don’t want to move it, get your carpenter to add floating shelves over your existing bathroom cabinet. Open shelves help a small bathroom design look less claustrophobic. Use colourful baskets or hampers to dump toiletries for lesser clutter.

Hack it like it’s Hot
Install towel racks or pegs on the bathroom door inside to save precious space. Use the spice rack from the kitchen in the bathroom to organise your haircare products. A kitchen cutlery organiser can work wonders in bathroom drawers too. Have space behind the bathroom door? Get your hands on a simple plastic shoe wall organiser and use it for toiletries.

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