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9 beautiful bathroom tile design ideas

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A bathroom is probably the most intimate space in any house, which not only needs to be impeccably functional but also smartly designed to inspire. After all, we’re sure to know how the best ideas come to us in that space!

However, more often than not, especially in metropolitan cities, our bathroom spaces are quite limited. And that does restrict dreamy bathroom design possibilities to an extent but not all the way because just by picking the right bathroom tile designs, you can switch a monotonous bathroom into a live piece of art real quick.

Let us take you through some of our favourite bathroom tile design ideas for you to understand what we mean;

Black and gold is one of the most elite colour combinations that instantaneously elevates the design quotient of every space. While the honeycomb tile structure here adds a beautiful texture to this bathroom design, the use of white marble brightens it up in perfect balance. Cabinets below the basin make sure that there’s no need for clutter around the majestic golden sink bowl.

Your bathroom can be as small as only to house one person as a time and yet look lavish, if you take cues from this bathroom design.

Colour combination for black & gold bathroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Baldiwala Edge

Contrasting colours bathroom tiles interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, NavinTar/ shutterstock.com

If we had to pick a single bathroom design to emphasise on the importance of picking tiles to revamp a bathroom, it surely would be this one. Following a greek theme in blues and whites, what’s interesting here is how different tiles sectionalise the bathroom without using partitions. While the printed tiles add some texture on one side, with wooden and white settings, the other side is simply white with blue vases that pop! The best part is you can take this design approach and apply it using any other contrasting colours of your choice.

If your favourite design theme is beachy, you’ll surely love this bathroom design. A refreshing combination of blues, greens and white, this space is as homely as it is outdoorsy. While the walls are neat in white, matching the inviting bathtub, the floor is precisely a moodboard of beach hues. In sync with that, are the drapes with palm leaves in blue, surrounded by some lots of houseplants that bring life to this bathroom design, quite literally.

Can any beach themed space be complete without light wood accents? We guess not, because that’s what grounds this vibrant bathroom perfectly.

Bathroom tiles design ideas for home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dunelm

Wood & architectural fittings bathroom tiles design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

This bathroom design idea is for anyone who loves a little visual drama with a base of modern architecture. While the printed tiles, along with mood lighting, takes care of the drama bit, the wood and architectural fittings bring in the refined touch. If wood is not your primary choice of material, you could go with a vibrant pick of marble or concrete to add a little spark to this beautiful den of a bathroom design.

White tiles with black edges seem to top our bathroom tile design features this time. While that adds a little texture to the bathroom, the wooden slab and white basin speak simplicity that is easily achievable in small bathrooms too. Add a little fake plant with white flowers and you will have yourself a minimal bathroom design that feels like home.

To keep your sink area from crowding, you can make sure to keep a cabinet under it or elsewhere.

Bathroom interior design with white tiles - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Fritz Fryer

Patterned titles retro bathroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD studio

A mesmerising mix of nudes and pastels coupled with patterned tiles make this bathroom design a retro dream. While the walls give out a pop culture magazine feel, the solid hues keep it warm and rosy. Not to forget, the basin cabinet looks like a stunning dressing table with its knobs being the real jewel in this bathroom design idea. The clear pendant lamps add some chicness without blocking the beautiful vintage melody in this space.

Best thing about this design is how you could switch to another pastel hue family and still achieve the retro design theme.

Print play coupled with light wood is probably the easiest way to design a cozy bathroom. While half the walls match the bathroom floor using printed tiles, the wooden frame, door and cabinet stand out, balancing the noise in this bathroom’s overall design.

Hanging light bulbs just brighten up the blank white space while also adding a homely feel to it.

Bathroom interior design ideas for an ethnic style - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Purple Backyard

Countryside bathroom tiles design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Richa Bahl

While the walls and vases give out a calming countryside feel to this bathroom design, the bright tiles instantly break the monotony and add a little vibrance to it. Coupled with golden architectural hardware fittings and a contrasting coloured cabinet, this bathroom design easily makes to the surprising bathroom designs list. A great space to take inspiration from to seamlessly mix two design themes.

While there are only three colours used in this bathroom design, it sure does manage to look quirky and neat at the same time. That’s the magic of pop art design approach! Most walls are simple black and white bricks, except for one in teal which adds a splash of vibrance, carefully coupled with white instead of black like the rest of the space.

The floor tiles are more saturated to add a bit of contrast without trying too hard and the glass pendant lamps just shine without being in your face. A stunning space you could refer to while designing yours!

Bathroom interior design colours for pop art - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42MM

Which bathroom design idea did you like the most?

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