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6 ways to give your bathroom a quick budget makeover

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With the ongoing festive season and the fear of the pandemic still around, our homes have become our safe space where we occasionally host friends and family for a get-together. While we may clean and spruce all rooms in the house, one space we shouldn't neglect is the bathroom. Keeping it clean and hygienic isn’t enough, it is time to give it a quick makeover with these tips doled out by experts.

Pay Attention to the Lighting
“The way we use lights in the bathroom can dramatically transform it, so it is important to plan and design lighting meticulously,” say Hardesh and Monica Chawla, Founders & Interior Designers, Essentia Environments. ​​A combination of multiple lights from low-level ambient lights to accent spotlights, and cove lights to pendant lights works best to highlight the diverse design elements, as well as create a dreamy mood, suggests Meenu Agarwal, Founder & Interior Designer, MADS Creations. She also recommends a lighting scheme that accentuates décor accessories while casting a soft glow for the perfect ambience.

Place a Few Planters
Nothing adds a fresh vibe to a space than a potted plant placed in it. Up your bathroom’s decor game by adding a few planters in nooks and corners. Depending on the available space, you can choose to place small, potted planters near the window or basin counter, or a bigger one on the floor. The air-purifying benefits and green cover make them an apt addition to this space. Priyanka Singh, Founder & Principal Designer of Chalk Studio, suggests 

Using lights in the bathroom effectively can dramatically transform it. Image courtesy, Chalk Studio

keeping money plant, traveler’s palm and Areca palm in the bathroom.

Up your bathroom’s decor game by adding a few planters in nooks and corners. Image courtesy, Essentia Environments

Style it Right
The right accessories in the bathroom can take it from drab to fab. “Since bathrooms are no longer just functional places, but act as rejuvenating spaces, it is important that they look inviting and give out positive vibes. Natural light goes a long way in ensuring that a bathroom feels like an organic space rather than a stale and sterile one. Paintings, sculptures, and stylish accessories create a luxurious ambience,” says Chawla. You can also place interesting bathware products and towels to take the luxe factor a notch higher.

Add Natural Elements
To break the monotony of functional products, add a few natural touches to your bathroom. Agarwal suggests bringing in accessories or lights fashioned out of natural materials like 

clay, jute, bamboo, etc. “Raw materials like stone in the form of pebbles and wood are widely used to create a natural vibe. You can also add a bowl of pot pourri or fresh flowers,” she says.

Small Bathroom Ideas
Small bathroom woes? Make the space look bigger by the addition of a large, space-enhancing mirror. According to Chawla, long and tall mirrors used strategically, exaggerate the size and feel of a space. However, opt for a size, shape and style that best suits your bathroom. If you have a little more time in hand, Singh recommends opting for a false ceiling.

Upgrade the Fittings and Colours
You can also replace your old bath fittings like the showerhead, faucets and basin for new ones to give it a glam look. Changing the colour scheme of the space is also a good idea for a makeover. “Black with gold accents can add a glamorous look. Soothing monochromatic palettes of white, grey, beige, brown highlighted with gold, create an elegant and sophisticated bathroom,” says Agarwal.

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