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6 Shower heads styles to suit your bathroom needs

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A refreshing shower can be the catalyst to set the tone for the day. With the correct pressure and flow, a shower can be a very rejuvenating experience. To achieve this, you may want to invest in a good showerhead. If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom, for shower head styles then this piece is for you. Read on.

There are a ton of varieties available in the showerhead market. You’d want one that suits your needs of water pressure and water flow rate. Some showers also come with shower filters for an enriched experience. Here are some popular showerhead types:

1.    Single spray showerhead

This is the design that has been used in Indian bathrooms for the longest time. It has a pretty concentrated flow. With its solid pressure characteristics, no wonder this is a staple and classic design. This design provides a comfortable experience and allows for a refreshing shower. These showerheads are perfect for people on a budget as they are relatively cheaper than their more advanced counterparts. The single spray shower head is an overhead shower design. This design works wonders for a small to medium-sized bathroom.

2.    Rain System based showerhead (Waterfall Shower)

This showerhead essentially does what it says - it makes rain! It has an adjustable pressure variant where you can decide the speed and pressure of the rain effect. Owing to the large diameter of the showerhead, it can dole out a very pleasant and soothing shower experience. Who doesn’t love a calming shower after a long day at work? Since this rain shower head lets you relive the joy of monsoons, it is becoming a hot choice in the Indian market. You can always use an extended shower handle with a flexible height option to attach this showerhead, in order to cater to various heights in the household. The rain shower head is an overhead shower design. It’s also sometimes known as the waterfall shower. Usually, this showerhead can also rotate up, down, and sideways to ensure a soothing shower.

Bathroom with a waterfall or a rain shower head - Beautiful Homes

Handheld shower head for modern bathroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

3.    Handheld showerhead

If you are one who would like to stand in a spot or have a small space with less room for movement, look no further. The handheld showerhead is the perfect choice for your needs. If you don’t like moving around the shower in order to wash off soap, then you can use the handheld shower to your advantage. It lets you have a pleasant experience without moving around much. The handheld showerhead can also be fixed on a mount or a stand if required. The handheld shower is an incredibly relaxing and convenient option.

It is helpful especially if you have kids or pets at home. It is also a game changer for elderly members of the family if they have mobility issues. The handheld shower is one of the few shower designs that you can use along with a traditional showerhead design like a single spray showerhead. This could mean double the fun.

4.    Shower Panels Type

This design is specifically developed to pamper you and make your shower experience a bit fancier. Shower panels and body spray shower heads are options that you can use in a bathroom of any size, but a large-sized bathroom is preferred. These designs in the showerhead category can be heavy on your wallet, and if you are keen on losing your purse strings for an incredible experience, you can always go for it. Installation of this design is as effortless during a home renovation exercise as it is if you’re building from scratch. With a spray or a bunch of showers fitted from top to the bottom of the panel, this design is one of the more modern ones. Some variants also have a shower on the parallel or adjacent walls. This may come in with a square shower head. All in all, the shower panel type showerhead design can feel like your body is receiving spa therapy with equated streams of water rejuvenating it from all sides.

5.    Ceiling mount type showerhead

This design is very similar to the rain showerhead or the waterfall showerhead. The ceiling showerhead evenly spreads out the flow of water over a large area. This showerhead can be found in luxurious or lavish settings. A ceiling-mounted showerhead is an expensive option as it has a very specific type of plumbing architecture that needs to be done accordingly. The ceiling-mounted showerhead cannot be adjusted for height but it can be adjusted for water pressure and flow. This can sometimes also be remotely controlled.

6.    Sliding Bar type showerhead

This design is very important if your family has a common space that you share for baths. The sliding bar shower head is a go-to option for a lot of families with shared bathroom space. The height of the sliding bar showerhead’s head can be very easily adjusted and it is very convenient for all kinds of heights. It is equally convenient for kids and elderly folks. The sliding bar-type showerhead can very easily be adjusted for rotation angle and pressure sensitivity.

If you have more than one bathroom, you can choose different styles for each bathroom space depending on the occupants who will be using the space. We recommend you use the most convenient designs for the commonly shared bathroom area. 

Spacious bathroom design with a ceiling mounted type shower head - Beautiful Homes

Some showerheads are relatively easier to maintain than others. Choose carefully and enjoy a soothing, calming shower everyday.

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Chic bathroom design with a square shower head style - Beautiful Homes

At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we realise how important each and every corner of your house is. We understand how important it is to put the kind of care that we do, in helping you build every corner of your home well. Every detail matters, especially in bathroom design. You simply need to let us know about the sort of showerhead design you are looking for, and we can assist you in transforming your vision into reality by fine-tuning your ideas. Whether you want a spa-like experience or a functioning and aesthetically appealing showerhead design, we will be able to help you with your needs well.

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