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10 tips to create a rustic bathroom

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Give your bathroom a chic update with our 10 tips on creating a rustic look

We’ve all at some point pinned that country-style rustic bathroom on our Pinterest boards. So why not finally take the leap and work towards it? A rule of thumb to get that rustic look is to use natural materials such as wood, stone and wicker with a colour scheme that is mainly grey and brown or white. We give you a complete breakdown:

1.    Walls
Combine stone and brick or walls covered with wooden planks with plain, neutral coloured walls. Keep in mind your walls need to match the other elements you will introduce in this space.

2.    Flooring
This largely depends on what you have picked for the walls. Wooden, concrete or grey tiles would be ideal. Since you can’t part from the colour scheme for this look, experiment with different materials to bring in some texture.

3.    Soft Furnishings
Use fabrics such as linen, jute, canvas and cotton with a chequered or plaid pattern for the shower curtain. If you’re using plastic, make sure it has beige and brown tones. Get your hands on jute mats and dhurries to use in the bathroom.

4.    Lighting
Warm, dim lighting is what you need to use to bring the look together. This can be easily achieved with exposed lights or bulbs. Wooden lanterns with jute rope loops work well.

5.    Bathroom fittings
Brass or matte finish fittings are essential for this look. Stay away from shiny, polished fixtures. For an Indian rustic look, you can also add brass buckets and tumblers.

6.    Storage
Aluminium buckets, cane baskets or a wooden ladder that doubles up as a rack can be used to store toiletries. Fixing large, unfinished slabs of wood on walls to use as shelves is also something you can explore. If you have a bathtub, a wooden caddy decorated with tea lights and fresh flowers will enhance the look.

7.    Basin
A basin made from stone or one with a stone-like finish works best.

8.    Platform
Instead of a marble platform, get a wooden one. So even if you can’t find a basin that has a stone finish, a wooden platform will elevate the look of your regular, white ceramic basin.

9.    Fresh flowers and plants
Place these in miniature aluminium buckets. This will help break the monotony of stone and wood. Use succulents in different sizes or white or green flowers of your choice. Remember to not use any bright colours, stick to muted shades only.

10.    Mirrors
Use mirrors with wooden frames. To avoid a mishmash of several different kinds of woods, make sure you use ones with the same tones.

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