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5 space saving furniture pieces for small homes

Utilize or make the most of your furniture designs for small house. Know about a well planned house furniture design that is perfect for a small space only at Beautiful Homes.

9 beautiful bathroom tile design ideas

Just by picking the right bathroom tile designs, you can switch a monotonous bathroom into a live piece of art real quick. Let’s take a look at some of our top bathroom tile design ideas for you to take inspiration from..

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How to design a one-of-a-kind dining room

Set the most inviting table spread for your family and friends this festive season!

12 contemporary black countertop design ideas for modular kitchen

When it comes to incorporating black in your kitchen, however alluring the prospect may sound, the key here is subtlety. Here are some inspiring classic kitchen design ideas for you to..

A terrace flat in Mumbai celebrates nature and brings out a modern Indian aesthetic

Architect Amritha Karnakar’s home is designed to be nature’s nest with a modern vibe punctuated with a love for all things Indian