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Turiya Villa, Goa

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Take a cue from the interiors of Turiya Villa, Goa to induce a laid-back vibe in your own home

Sometimes, technology can get the best of us. Peace, tranquility and a change of air can do us a world of good. Take a cue from the laid-back style of the 100 year old Turiya Villa in Goa for your own apartment. This boutique villa exudes a rustic vibe with its muted colours paired with old-school wooden furniture.

Small windows, low shelves, intricately carved wooden furniture, Aztec print rugs and vegetable dyed wall color are a common sight at Turiya Villa. The white-washed walls provide just the backdrop for these elements to stand out. While wallpaper is a great option, you could create the same effect with paint – choose a motif and repeat the pattern throughout. Another alternative you can try is creating a gallery wall with abstract paintings, a mix of colour and black and white photographs and graphic posters.

Bring in natural sunlight in your bathroom with larger windows, this also helps keep germs at bay. Instead of the usual white tiles, try a cement finish and paint it bright yellow – as seen at Turiya Villa. Potted plants also bring life to the space.

While it’s not possible to emulate the Mangalore tile roof, you can create a false ceiling by using multiple wooden panels. In keeping with the rest of the décor, pick antiques and accents in a matte finish.

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