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El Fenn, Marrakech

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Bold colours meet warm, cosy interiors in this property in the heart of North Africa

Think Marrakech, and you think of an atmosphere charged with colour, music, souks and dusks ringing in the sounds of prayer. Rescued from ruins that once was one of Marrakech’s great, private homes, El Fenn is an ode to the spirit of the building’s past with a contemporary twist.

It is a lesson on how to do colour right. Splashes of reds, orange, blues and purples – it captures the myriad shades of a gorgeous sunset all at once.

Vanessa Branson and Howell James, owners of El Fenn were looking for a holiday home when they stumbled upon this property. And they knew right then that it was going to be much more than that. Vanessa and Howell lovingly, and painstakingly spruced up the space, as one would, their homes – only that they envisioned it as a guesthouse. 

Local craftsmen were hired to use traditional techniques to breathe new life into the building. You will find polished lime plastering (one of our favourite wall finishes) in a rainbow of colours to create wall finishes. Restored baths, bed frames along with tiling and carved cedar ceilings complete the look of the space. What we love most is the mix ‘n’ match - retro furniture sourced from local flea markets combined with one-off bespoke pieces to create a unique interior.

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