Casa Sol, Puerto Rico


Get inspired by the colonial charm of this restored 18th century boutique hotel in Puerto Rico

Right in the middle of Old San Juan is a beautifully restored bed and breakfast, Casa Sol. Housed in a building that dates back to the 18th century, it’s brightly decorated spaces can be easily replicated in your own homes. Each differently decorated space has unifying elements that run throughout, creating a visual connection. When personalising different areas of your home, keep one element the same – like flooring – to create a sense of continuity within varied spaces. 

Mix various styles, designs and details. In this boutique hotel, traditional features like teak wood doors with circular arches, antique Spanish furniture, and high ceilings pair wonderfully with contemporary touches like graffitied alcoves, mermaid dolls, local folk art and furniture painted in brilliant hues. 

When displaying artwork, take a cue and use simple frames. Moderate your love for bright colours and patterns, especially in smaller rooms. Where natural light is lacking, layer artificial lights at different levels to keep the space open.


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