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Bungalow 99, New Delhi


Borrow from the interiors of Bungalow 99 to add a touch of serenity to your home

From monochrome rooms and muted linens to soft furnishings and earthy rugs – each element at Bungalow 99 is designed to create an ambience of relaxation to calm your senses. 

The abundant use of fresh flowers, placed in earthen vases, adds an element of homeliness and freshness to the rooms. For an effortless centrepiece, put them in an ornamental vase and place it on your centre table.

Large windows work best in bringing in a sense of openness to any room, so carve these out wherever possible. If privacy is your concern, swap out steel nets with sliding wood doors. 

While deciding on the colours for the house, greys, browns and whites also make a good pick. It helps in creating a soft, muted look that creates a feeling of tranquillity. Light pastel shades such as powder blues can work too. If you crave that pop of colour, use rugs in warm, earthy colours. 

For terraces and balconies, steer away from the obvious choice of bean bags and wicker chairs and make a beeline for the traditional khat or charpoy. This provides extra seating and can even double up as a spot to put up your legs and laze.


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