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47 Jobner Bagh, Jaipur


Holding on to its old-world charm, 47 Jobner Bagh shows us how to marry vintage elements with elegant and simple design

It’s the charming interiors of 47 Jobner Bagh that really caught our attention. The predominantly white colour palette is brought to life with traditional furniture, dark wood and carved detailing that is softened with curved elements, warm lighting and flowy window furnishings.

The key to this look is to bring in only a few visually heavy, antique and vintage pieces and pair them with minimal furnishings in soft, muted colours. The bedrooms feature antique desks and chairs, traditional bedside tables and Colonial-style dressers set against creamy white walls. Take a cue and mix these bulky pieces with streamlined ones like the simple, low bed.

Add some vintage appeal to your home with a gallery wall of framed old photographs in black and white and sepia tones. You can also use distressed furniture in warm or muted colours like the olive-green cupboard and repurposed pieces like old doors fashioned as a tall headboard. Polished concrete flooring and white walls form the perfect canvas for this look.


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