Tips to keep your home dust free

Get rid of the layers of dust that build up in the house with a few minor adjustments

Dust particles inside the house are the biggest cause for developing allergies and low immunity. Include these ten easy steps in your daily cleaning routine for a home which is largely dust free.

·    Use a door mat

Shoes carry in dust and dirt from outside. Place a heavy duty welcome mat outside your door and encourage guests to use it before coming in. Place a small rug or runner in the entryway as well to be extra careful.

·    Wear ‘Home Shoes’

Leave outdoor shoes in a cabinet near the doorway. Keep a separate pair of slip-ons to use within the house. This keeps your feet clean and dust away.

·    Be organised

Dust loves clutter, so get rid of it. Keep the floor clear and place items in transparent plastic containers. They're also easy to pull off the shelves and wipe clean.

·    Change the sheets

Change your bedsheets every three or four days. When removing the old sheets, avoid shaking dust out of them on the way to the washing machine.

·    Use duvet covers

Duvets are something you use daily and can be difficult and cumbersome to wash often. Instead keep a set of soft cotton fabric duvet covers which are easier to clean.

·    Beat the rugs and cushions

Rugs are dust reservoirs, since its fibres absorb dust like a giant sponge. Drape them over a railing or clothesline and beat them with a broom or tennis racket. Give your cushions the same treatment.

·    Fabric on windows

Replace fabric curtains with wooden blinds which can be vacuumed regularly.

·    Pamper your pets

That’s right. The shedding of your furry companions too creates dust. Minimise this by brushing and shampooing them regularly.

·    Ditch your carpet

Wall to wall carpets might feel good on your bare feet, but it can be difficult to make it entirely dust free even with a high-powered vacuum cleaner. It’s best to use ceramic or wood flooring.

·    Use the right cleaning products

Avoid feather dusters and dry rags as they tend to spread dust instead of cleaning it. Damp rags and disposable cloths are a much better alternative. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner and a good humidifier as well.


Written By: Jyotsna Kanal

Guest Contributor

21 May 2018

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